Sunday, November 17, 2013

How can I make this deck better?

good gadget deck 2012 image


Well, I have a Machina Gadget deck, and would like to know what could be done to help adjust to March 2012.



Green Gadget x2

Red Gadget x2

Yellow Gadget x2

Machina Fortress x2

Machina Gearframe x2

Machina Force

Cyber Dragon x2

Jinzo x2

Jinzo - Returner x2


Pot of Duality x3

Dark Hole

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Monster Reborn

Future Fusion

Smashing Ground x3

Limiter Removal

Pot of Avarice


Mirror Force

Torrential Tribute

Bottomless Trap Hole

Solemn Warning x2

Solemn Judgment

Call of the Haunted x2

Trap Dustshoot (looking to replace, since its banned soon)


Chimeretech Overdragon

Chimeretech Fortress Dragon

Metal Dragon (cuz it is meta)

No. 39: Utopia x2

No. 17: Leviathan Dragon

Ally of Justice Catastor

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Black Rose Dragon

Scrap Dragon

Stardust Dragon

I don't have a Steelswarm Roach, but if I did, that would be in there. I also don't know what to put in for side decking.


You mad bro



Plz rate and comment in my machina gadget. Is an update version from my last build.

Monsters: 18

Machina gearframe x3

Machina fortress x3

Machina cannon x1

Green gadget x2

Red gagdet x2

Yellow gagdet x2

Gorz, the emissary of darkness x1

Neo-spacian grand mole x1

Effect veiler x3

Spells: 13

Pot of duality x3

Mystical space typhoon x3

Creature swap x2

Mind control x1

Monster reborn x1

Dark hole x1

Limiter removal x1

Pot of avarice x1

Traps: 9

Dimensional prison x3

Solemn warning x2

Torrential tribute x2

Solemn judgment x1

Mirror force x1


number 39: utopia x3

Chimeratech fortress dragon x1

Standard synchros


D.d crow x2

Cyber dragon x2

Spirit reaper x1

Sangan x1

Chaos trap hole x2

Bottomless trap hole x2

Shadow-imprisoning mirror x2

Smashing ground x3


You're deck looks pretty awesome! I would take out Solemn Judgment only because it's such a pricey card life point wise. I would probably remove it for an Ultimate Offering just because you're running gadgets. I know people say to put in Machina Force, but that's totally unnecessary because I see that you've replaced it with Cannon. I wouldn't go with the Solidarity build just because it's pretty easy to get over with 3 MST's and Heavy. Also because of Ally of Justice Catastor it ruins the deck. Grand Mole is an awesome choice as well as Gorz. I like Gorz over Tragoedia, because it gives you that extra token. Grand mole is awesome,because it gets over syncros and even Catastor if you run into it. I like Creature swap a lot it's an awesome way of getting over big monsters. Effect Veiler is essential in this format because of Wind Ups and Inzektors. Over all I love your build and think it's VERY solid.

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