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How do i make a real good gadget deck with or without machina?

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I really dont wanna use machina cause everyone is and i wanna have a kind of original deck. If anyone runs or played a gadget deck can you also tell me its weaknesses ?


Basically what this deck is really useful for is to stop the field swarm/special summon of the opponent, which these days is the most common way that people draw out there best cards.

Basically you can buy 3 structure decks with all/most of these cards within, it will beef up your traps and gadgets, with Dimensional prison, which itself is worth 6 bucks! If you buy it cheap online, you can pay more for the whole deck than you would one single D-prison.


Monsters (20)

3x Green Gadget

3x Red Gadget

3x Yellow Gadget

-- this is the base of the deck, obviously.

2x Giant Rat

-- help you get your buggers out faster than normal

2x Cyber Dragon

2x Cyber Valley

-- just a great card set, dragon is basically a free summon, and valley lets you draw cards.

2x Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo

1x Sangan

1x Neo Spatian Grand Mole

-- boot up is atleast a good defender, and a stout offense with gadgets. Sangan and grand mole are just good to have.

1x Ancient Gear Gajiltron Chimera

Here is where you do what this deck is meant to, Shut their shit down.

Spells (14)

3x Smashing ground

3x Shrink

-- I love this card, ruins confidence of oppenents when they need atleast 2400 to surely defeat even puny yellow gadget.

2x Creature Swap

1x Mystical Space typhoon

1x Heavy Storm

1x Brain Control

1x Pot of avarice

1x Limiter Removal

1x Lightning vortex


3x Dimensional Prison / Sakuretsu Armor

1x Ultimate Offering

1x Solumn Judgement

1x Mirror Force

-- I can't afford these :( So I usually run Either:

My body as a shield, Waboku, Scrap Iron Scarecrow. None of those are outrageous in price.

My brother runs this deck, he and I usually go one for one. I run a Six samurai deck.


El Nino TH

i want a gadget that can play adobe flash player in browser. something like the ipod touch. it also needs to be pocket size, so quite portable. no tablets please.

Thanks in advance.


a great website that has non mainstream gadgets that would have flash would be and of course ebay.


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