Saturday, November 9, 2013


Last week i went on a little roadtrip to another city, it was a nice way to get my mind out of everything and anything. I am not a huge fan of halloween but for the night that i spent there i went to a haunted house to get me in some kind of halloween-esque spirit and for someone that its used to watch scary movies and tv series, this haunted house did nothing to me, the theme to this house was "the walking dead" so most of the "monsters" were zombies, i mean, i give them props to their costumes because they were actually good, but not one scream went out of my mouth, haha oh well, i can't speak for the ladies that where with me... they went ballistic and screamed at everything that moved in there. At least i had fun!

Doesn't this picture remind you a little bit of the scenery in breaking bad?, when i saw that yellow thing it just hit me and i went oh my god, it's as if Jesse and Mr. White where there cooking... don't mock me, you must know how much of a tv geek i am.

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