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Learn to Speak Swardspeak

Swardspeak, "gay lingo", is a slang or collective term used to identify of what seems to be a secret language between gay communities in the Philippines. It uses elements from Filipino (Tagalog), English, Spanish, and Japanese, as well as trademark brands and celebrities' names, giving them new meanings in different contexts which make words colorful and funny when used in conversing. Swardspeak also uses words derived from local dialects including Cebuano, Waray, Hiligaynon, Bicolano and many others.

In the past, one is immediately identified as homosexual when one uses Swardspeak. This created an exclusive group among its speakers making it easy for people belonging to the third sex recognize each other. Nowadays, even straight people use this manner of speaking particularly in industries dominated by gays such as the fashion and film industries. Maricel Soriano, a famous Filipina actress is notable for using Swardspeak.

Even if there are only two, whenever I over hear gays conversing to each other, it never fails to fascinate me how they can speak in such manner. Interested in learning some Swardspeak? Check out the list below. Enjoy.

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Anik / Anetch -- what / which

Award -- reprimanded

Antibiotic -- obnoxious, unpleasant

Anaconda -- traitor

Anong petsa na? -- asked when someone is taking too long to dress up, etc.

Balaj -- shameless

Bitter Ocampo --sad, fuming mad, bitter

Baklah / Baklush -- used instead of one's name, may refer to any gender

Backstreet Boys -- cute boys at the back

Barbra Streisand / Barbara Perez -- bluntly rejected

Badinger Z - homosexual

Chanda Romero -- tummy

Crayola -- to cry, to be sad

Carry / Keri / Cash & Carry -- OK or alright

Cathy Dennis -- frisky or promiscuous

Char / Charot / Charing / Charbroiled -- not ok

Cookie Chua / Cookie Monster -- to cook

Clasmarurut / Klasmarurut -- classmate

Cynthia Luster -- unknown person (male or female)

Chiminey Cricket -- maid, household helper

Charing/Tienes -- jest, a joke, not serious

Chova / Chovaline Kyle -- small talk

Compared to Lugaw -- better than nothing

Carmi Martin -- karma

Daot -- insult

Eksena / Eksenadora --someone who always likes to figure in a scene

Emote -- one who is over-acting

Enter the Dragon / Entourage -- to enter, come in

Fatale -- excessive, to the max

Feel / Fillet o' Fish -- like

Fly -- leave

Forever -- slow

Freestyle -- slow to understand

Fayatollah Kumenis -- skinny

Givency / Janno Gibbs / Debbie Gibson -- to give

Goodbye Suklay -- goodbye

G.I. Joe - a foreign lover, particularly American

Gelli de Belen - jealous

Hammer / Pocahontas - prostitute

Imbey / Im -- irritated, irritation

In Fairness -- to console

Jesus Christ Superstar / Optimus Prime - Fashion make-over, to change into more fashionable clothing

Jowa / Jowabelles / Jowabella -- BF or GF

Julie Andrew / Jolina Magdangal -- caught in the act

Jubis / Juba -- fatso

Jutay / Jutes -- small

Kape / Capuccino / Coffeemate -- be realistic

Kuya Germs --dirty, bearer of germs

Kaplang -- error, mistake

Kangkang -- sex

Karir/Career -- to be seriously involved at something

Lucresia Kasilag -- crazy

Lucita Soriano -- loser na sorry pa

Luz Valdez -- to lose

Lupita Kashiwahara -- cruel

Lafang -- eat

Lapel -- someone with a loud voice

Liberty / Statue of Liberty -- free, treat for free

Lucky Home Partner -- live-in partner

No l Coward - No

Mahalia Jackson -- expensive

Morayta / Murriah Carrey -- cheap

Mudra - mother

Okray -- criticize

Opposition Party - A social occasion with a lot of expected problems

Oprah Winfrey - promise

Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion -- tired

Purita Kalaw -- broke, poor

Pamintang Durog / Pamenthols -- closet gays / acting as men

Rita Gomez -- irritating personality

Reyna Elena -- to rain

Regal Drama Hour / Maalala Mo Kaya -- when someone tells a sob story

Rica Peralejo -- rich, from the Spanish word rica

Sharon Cuneta - Yes, Sure

Siete Pecados - Nosy, Gossipmonger

That's Entertainment / Anda / Andalucia / Anju / Anjo Ylla a --money

Thundercats / Chandeliers / Masyonda --old people

Tommy Lee Jones / Tom Jones - hungry

Taxina Hong Kingston - to wait for a taxicab

Washington / Wishing / Wish --nothing or none

Winnie Santos -- to win

Wrangler --old

X-Men -- formerly a man, now gay

48 Years / 50 Golden Years / 10,000 --after a long time

, ikaw ba yan? -- when someone acts like another person, maybe a showbiz personality or not.

(example: Vilma Santos, Ikaw Ba yan?)
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