Sunday, November 10, 2013


Guess what? This blog is getting a revival! I have been way more active in the online social world and I feel I need a place to most importantly update people on my group's happenings and what will be happening regarding my let's plays. Also for me to spazz about random stuff and mabye speak my opinions on things once in a while. Basically whatever I want, but yeah. Seriously I will try and keep it up this time. >~<

SO for my first post; group updates and info, since that is first and foremost. Our current members consist of me, obviously, as the leader. Then TU, Saad, Gyteck, Michael, Bizzness, Lee, and newly we have Waleed; Saad's older brother. Saad, Gyteck, Bizzness, and Lee are barely active {or never ever even coming online in Lee's case}, but me, TU, Michael, and Waleed are keeping the group going. The current layout of the group is avatar is halloween and Celes themed and the topic is basically from when I was reading a kaiji fanfic the other day that had "GURO GURO GURO" in the description which I was making fun of and typoed. Twice. So it became the topic.

In let's play related news, we have switched to from teamviewer since way less lag and better quality. Also Michael will no longer be participating because he thinks someone used teamviewer to hack his wifi and mess up his internet. Obviously this is complete idiocy, but he believes what some random tech guy told him over his friends. {Me and TU actually think he got in trouble for watching porn and since his mom knew about teamviewer she told him he couldn't use it anymore but shhhh}

In other not-related-to-group new I've been gaming and watching anime way way more now and I'm less depressed in general. Currently watching Ghost Sweeper Mikami and before that I finally caught up with Magi. On the gaming side I've been playing Smite, Terraria, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, NUN 3, random DS games, Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley, Wolf Among Us, Pokemon X, Pokemon Showdown, and other various games.

I will probably save spazzing over things for later when I get the urge. In personal news my job hunt has gone nowhere but hopefully soon I'll get some results. Also something I forgot to mention is I've been trying to get more prospect members for group and have had absolutely no luck. I even went onto tumblr and contacted some people I used to talk to and only one would even respond. Harsh.

Also I created my first pokemon splice tonight thanks to this awesome tutorial:

This is the splice I created:

Let's see, what else should I say....I would link to my tumblr but honestly I'll probably update here more. That text limit gets really annoying... I put a link to my youtube account on my profile here and updated some stuff. I'm working on the next part of the current let's play/hangout session series and I think thats all I have to say, but I'll update again soon enough hopefully.
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