Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Here we have last year's Halloween musical offering.

1)Count Chocula Intro13 Days of Halloween 0:40

2)Trick or Treat Halloween3:11

3)Have You Ever Seen?Boss Martians 3:16

4)Spook OperaHawaiian Pups 2:55

5)TV Monster ShowThe Munsters 2:05

6)Land of the Dead Voltaire 1:59

7)Dracula's Deuce Freddy & the Four-Gone Conclusions 2:37

8)It's Spooky in Here Baha Men 2:41

9)Green Slime The Green Slime 2:18

10)My Body's a Zombie for You Dead Man's Bones 4:30

11) Spooksville Nu-Trends 2:37

12)The Mummy Radio Ad 0:48

13)The Ballad of Vlad the Impaler Bettie Blackchurch 1:31

14)Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Matthew Sweet 3:11

15)Exorcist Theme Halloween Remix 4:59

16)I'm Gonna Scare You Sue Rose 2:39

17)The Bat Children of the Night 2:37

18)Munsters Theme (Halloween edit)Figure 2:42

19)Return of the Living Dead Ghoultown 3:35

20)Martian Hop Ran-Dells 1:28

21) Halloween Party Music Andrew Gold 3:04

22) The Haunt of Room 402 Wally Wingert 3:00

23)Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati Rose & The Arrangement 2:12

24) Rockin' in the Graveyard Jackie Morningstar 2:37

25) Banditos Halloween Mash Jonathan Rubinger 4:49

26) Phantom of the A-Go-Go DonHinson and the Rigamorticians 2:32

27) Castin' My Spell Marci Lee 2:09

28) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes LewisLee 2:54

29) Werewolf Five Man ElectricalBand 3:28
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