Saturday, November 16, 2013

Masters Of Horror! (Tod Browning)

Huge career, not much horror.

So, it's a quickie.

Here we go....


Really more of a gangster picture,'s creepy.

These dudes may as well be monsters.

I've only seen the 1930 talkie remake, but Browning didn't do that one.

It still had Lon Chaney, and that weird little evil baby-looking midget though.

You got those guys as a team, you've got instant horror gold.

I can only assume Browning's was as cool.

DRACULA (1931)

See , and

This is pretty much his signature movie.

Also, notice, I've been following the pattern of , , , , , Dracula director first...well, guess who's next? ;-)

Eh, maybe it's slobby to point it out, but, I'm putting all this thought into everything, and no one's caring.

Care, dammit!

*Pulls gun*

No, seriously, do it.


FREAKS (1932)

This one, yeah, this offended the hell out of people, got swept under the rug, forgotten, then it was an underground cult thing, now, the cult is so big, it's pretty well known and beloved.

Lot of geeks, this is their favorite Tod Browning movie way above "Dracula".

It is pretty damned creepy.

Even today.

Its images crawl around in your head for a long time.

I dig it a lot, it's way up on my list, but it's apples and oranges with "Dracula".

Oh, yeah, and the midget dude from "The Unholy Three", (both of them) is in this.

Hey, screw you, PC-police, it says midget on the fucking poster.

It was never a derogatory term.

Dwarves are mythical, and "little people", is what our corporate overlords call us pathetic serfs.

That shit's derogatory.

Wise up.




Nope, not a pre-make to

A mad scientist makes a shrinking potion, with the aim of shrinking all of humanity, so we don't gobble up all our resources as fast.

Environmentalism gone mad!

In the 30's!

How prescient!

Anyway, the scientist dies, the formula is stolen, and misused.

Hi-jinks, shenanigans, and tomfoolery ensue.

And that's Tod Browning.

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