Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Kind of Horror Movie

I can't claim that I am the biggest horror movie fan, but there are definitely certain horror movies that I enjoy, I just thought I would give a little bit of a rundown of those movies, it is October after all. Growing up I wasn't that much of a fan of horror, I was very easily scared, and had lots of nightmares. I am not older, but I still get scared, but I do enjoy it to a certain extent at this point. I just wanted to write about some of my favorite horror movies, and even found quite a few that I love on Netflix.

Alien- I love the first 2 movies of the series, great suspense and horror in them. Also one of few horror movies with a female hero, definitely 2 of my favorite Sigourney Weaver movies.

Attack The Block- A great and original monster/alien movie made in England and produced by one of my favorite directors, Edgar Wright. If you watch it, you will want to start calling your friends Bruv.

Gremlins- Who didn't watch and love this movie as a kid? Its still very enjoyable.

Leprechaun- My favorite bad horror series, how can you go wrong with Warwick Davis as the star? A young Jennifer Aniston is in the first movie, the 2nd movie is on Netflix Instant. Later in the series the movies get more ridiculous, going into space and into the hood.

Pan's Labrynth- This is a great Guillermo Del Toro movie, with some of his most creepy and erie monsters, with the back drop of being in Franco Era Spain.

Shaun of the Dead- The movie that really helped launch the carreers of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright. A great horror comedy.

The Shining- Such an all around classic! How many times has this been parodied, but it is still great with some amazing visuals, and many very creepy parts to it.

Signs- I think this is an underrated movie, I think it does a good job of hiding the aliens while still have some suspenseful, and I like how the story actually came together, I guess I don't hate M. Night as much as many other people do.

Zombieland- I think this is my 2nd favorite zombedy, love the comedy, and characters, and who doesnt enjoy Emma Stone?

The Night of the Living Dead- The original zombie movie, always shown on tv a lot around Halloween, and I watch it on a yearly basis.

Dawn of the Dead- I have to admit that I have only seen the remake, but I love watching it, I think it pays a good tribute to the original Romero style zombies.

On Netflix

The Host- I love this movie, its a Korean monster movie about creature that start attacking people and it can be found on Netflix.

The Cabin in the Woods- This is a great meta horror movies that just deconstructs the genre, truly scary while also being extremely funny, produced and written by Joss Whedon. It is on Netflix.

Carrie-The original is found on Netflix, I really enjoyed it when I watched it years ago, I am usually of the mindset that you should watch the original version of something before you watch the remake, especially when the remake doesn't really change anything. A classic story about teenage angst gone horribly wrong.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil- I think its a different take on a horror movie where everything happens because of a misunderstanding. On Netflix. I love both Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk in almost everything they are in.

Evil Dead 2- Available on Netflix, you don't need to see the first Evil Dead to enjoy the 2nd one. The 2nd is pretty much a remake of the first by the same group of people once they were ale to get funding for it. This helped launch the careers of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, a good funny horror movie. Also the sequel Army of Darkness is deifnitely worth checking out.

Slither- I love this dark and disturbing horror movie, it can be quite gross at times, I will give that warning, but its got some great people in it like Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks. On Netflix

The Faculty- This is one of my guilty pleasure movies, I would watch this movie all of the time when it was on TNT or TBS or USA or one of those channels quite frequently. It is a bit of a take on The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. On Netflix

Ghostbusters- Who doesn't love this movie? If you don't I am not sure why you are reading my blog, we probably don't have much in common then. On Netflix

I haven't seen but have in me queue on Netflix

House on Haunted Hill- the Original with Vincent Price, I have seen some movies with Vincent Price and thought I would check this one out.

The Innkeepers- I heard about this movie from a podcast I listen to, and it was filmed in an old inn that is supposedly haunted out east. Seemed like an original story.

Mimic- I might be wrong, but this was Guillermo Del Toro's first english language movie. It is about an ever evolving creature that was created through the use of pesticides.

Let The Right One In- A Swedish Vampire movie that was remade in the US a few years ago.
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