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MyOatmeal Review


Hey guys, it's been a while since my last blog. I've been busy with schooling and working. But I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try MYOATMEAL and review three different flavors. I'll be reviewing each of these right here on my blog. You have the option of ordering small bags (1lb), medium bags (2.25 lbs), and jumbo bags (4 lbs). Without further ado, let's get started with the review of my first oatmeal.

If you're like me, then oatmeal is a staple in your diet - being a complex carbohydrate.After a while, some of the combinations of flavors like honey, peanut butter, cinnamon, etc. get old and boring.I heard about MY OATMEAL which is a company that allows you to create and customize your own flavors.There's over 22 billion different combinations at MYOATMEAL.COM.I'll go through and list the different categories and the options that I chose!


You can pick different types of oats as follows


5 Grain Rolled Oats & Flax+$3.99

Steel Cut Whole Oats+$3.99

Signature Smash Blend+$3.99

Gluten Free Quick Oats+$4.99

Organic, Gluten Free, Thick Rolled Oats+$5.99

I picked the Quick Rolled Instant Oats since I like to eat my oatmeal in the morning when I am restricted on time.I like to just microwave my oatmeal, since it's easier clean up and the process is much more simple.The oats themselves taste delicious, and are the smaller oats which I prefer.Of course if you have any intolerance to gluten or just want the organic, steel cut, oats, then that option is also offered!


You can add up to three different flavors, each costing $1.50.There are a large amount of flavors that you can add - about 40 different flavors!

With this bag of oats, I decided to choose COOKIE DOUGH, SUGAR COOKIE, AND SNICKERDOODLE flavoring. Let's just say I was NOT disappointed by this whatsoever. . Also, check out the crazy selection of flavors by visiting the website, .

The flavorings that I choose were AMAZING.Honestly, I normally have to basically choke down my oatmeal with honey or peanut butter. But after I smelled my Cookie Monster Oats after they finished cooking, I knew it was love at first smell! But in all seriousness, I ate 80 grams (2 servings) of these oats and I instantly craved more.It literally tasted like I had mixed together some cookie dough and was about it cook it - but it made me feel like I was eating sugar cookie dough.Definitely not disappointed with the flavorings at all.Also, I forced my mother to try the oats (who doesn't normally like oatmeal at all) and was impressed by the flavoring and even asked for more.The COOKIE MONSTER OATS are even mother approved.

Pick Your Fruits:

After picking the flavors, you want to pick the fruits that you want in your customized oatmeal.I'll give you a range of what they offer (if you want to see the full list, just like the flavors, please visit the MYOATMEAL.COM website).They offer apples to banana chips, currants to figs, mangos to blue berries, and even more.Keep in mind that the fruit you pick also has options of the amount put into your oatmeal mix - light, regular, and heavy.I chose the BLUEBERRIES and put them in as light dosing.I was surprised when I opened my bag and saw that I had a large amount in there - so there are not stingy on dosing!Next time, I'm going to do the heavy dosing since I know that they are fair when it comes to the fruits.

Let's Sweeten the Deal!

This is recommended if you added the flavoring, options are - Brown Cane Sugar, White Cane Juice Crystals, or Sucralose.I picked the White Can Juice Crystals, and it really makes the oatmeal taste sweet.It was a fantastic combination with the cookie flavorings that I had picked.When I first got the bag, I just had to shake it up a bitfor the flavorings and the white cane juice crystals to thoroughly mix, but the oatmeal probably settled during shipment.And regardless, that isn't an issue.

Nuts, Seeds & More

This gives you the option to add in any type of nuts and seeds.There's many different options for single options. For example, you can get flax seeds ground up or whole flax seeds. For this option, I picked HEMP SEEDS and QUINOA FLAKES.Both being extremely beneficial in micronutrients and healthy for a wide range of reasons.

Overall, I would give the Cookie Monster Oats a huge thumbs up! I enjoyed a cup of healthy oatmeal, feeling like I was eating cookie dough. Myoatmeal is going to be extremely helpful this winter when I am trying to bulk. I wasn't even full after my cup of oatmeal since it was so delicious, and craved more.Just so you guys know, there is also a full nutrition panel on the back of your customized oatmeal.For the guys out there who track their macros, do flexible dieting or IIFYM, then this can be great for you.You can create a customized oatmeal that fits your certain guidelines when it comes to macronutrients.I absolutely love this brand and I certainly am excited to have the opportunity to work with them! You can also have certain bags shipped out more than once, so you can pick to have it shipped once a week, twice a month, and so on. A huge shout out to and please go check them out and try a bag!I'm going to be utilizing this simple yet effective way to consume my oatmeal from now on.Thanks for listening guys!

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