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Naruto 656 Prediction

Naruto Rikudo God Mode



Madara tries to use his trump card while Obito is weakened by Naruto's tnj

Oro manages to take control over him right before Madara can use it

-Oro: "now is your chance Sasuke. Will you do it or..."

-Sasuke: "I'll do it, but for my own purpose..."

-Oro: "kukuku..."

Sasuke uses Totsuka on Obito and seals him away.

Everybody is astonished

-Sasuke: "so with this we"ll be able to..."

-Oro: "as I told you Sasuke... With this power, You'll be able to see TOWKE!"

-Juugo and co: "Wtf?! Wren't TOWKE the kages?"

-Sasuke: "No need to waste more time in speeches, let's go "there", I'll explain you on the road..."

-Sasuke: "sorry Naruto. You've become pretty strong, I must admit it. But you're still a child with a childish dream..."

-Naruto: "what do you mean, you said yourself that..."

-Sasuke: "...that I wanted to become the "Hokage"?

-Sasuke: "You misandustood me. Becoming the next kage of Konoha is your goal. Mine is greater: I'll be the 1st Kage that will rule the whole shinobi world. It's the only way to bring peace to it. Hatred comes from division, and only a dictator who controls everything can fix this. There will be one single village with a single authority: mine!"

-Naruto: "Whatever is your goal Sasuke, I won't let you go away with the juubi...."

As Naruto says that, Madara, Minato, Hiruzen and Tobirama jump in front of him, with manacing eyes.

-Oro, making an handseal: "Do you really think you"ll be able to defeat those 4 monsters before we go away, Naruto?"




One of kishi's editors is my cousin. Asked him to send me the link.

["Naruto 656 The war is over]

(Two hands are on the cover, naruto's Bijuu mode hand shaking Obito's Juubi hand. "the nine-tales and the ten-tales in concord")

NARUTO: It's okay obito *Lovingly embraces obito*

OBITO: I'm sorry naruto! I'll give back all the bijuu, return my Rin'negan and go to prison! I don't wanna be bad anymore

NARUTO: Next I am going to show you this book my sensei wrote. It's called the "tale of the utterly gutsy shinobi"! It's awesome.

OBITO: I'll use my sharingan to tease out any details.

NARUTO: Then I will show madara! The real one that is!

OBITO: Wait... Whut?

NARUTO: He doesn't like to read? Don't worry, I didn't either, at first bu-


*An eyelid appears above the white space, and opens up, revealing madara's mangekyou stigma*

MADARA: Surprise,bitches! *His voice emanating from the eye*

OBITO: How are you doing this! Aren't you still fighting hashirama! weren't you using rin'negan! What in the hell!

MADARA: Oh him? I beat him already, then everyone else stopped moving, I decide to genjutsu the juubi, and looky here!

OBITO: Wait, you beat him??!!! I thought you were equals?

MADARA: Huh? No, don't forget, I am way older than that guy. I thought out for years contengiencies and plans to kick his ass if I was ever in the position again, especially once I got mokuton and the rin'negan. I would only use susano'o until I got him all alone, and then bust out all of the doujutsu I had been working on. That's what I did inside of gedou mazou, combat training.

I hit him with a tsukuyomi while I was in rin'negan. He didn't even see it coming. Tobirama would have thought about it, but hashirama was a dunce, no matter how strong he was.

Now that I have his strength, what is he gonna do? That is what won for him in the first place.

Gotta thank that kabuto kid for resurrecting me like this.

Obito: You can use sharingan jutsu with rin'negan?

MADARA: Of course. I've been using susano'o this whole time, right? Did you think that I could only do it with susano'o? How does that make sense? Better yet, did you think I could only use susano'o? I am Uchiha Madara, I AM UCHIHA, I can use all of these douryouku. Every uchiha douryouku, every rikudou douryouku, All of it.

The fact that you can hear me now means you have been pulled into the dialog of kotoamatsukami, as soon as I end this discussion, you will be doing what I wish, and not even know it. Call this a final courtesy before I take over the world.

OBITO: The world? I thought you were going to use infinite tsukuyomi?

Madara: Nah, I just wanted to obtain the juubi. Why waste time in a dream world. everyone would still know it was fake on the inside.Instead, I will use this juubi for kotoamatsukami.

I can tell everyone to obey me, and live peacefully, and they will think that they came up with the brilliant idea. Fools. We won't be deluding ourselves in a false reality, yet, I will rule and they will obey. Anyhow, see you on the other side. When this eye closes, you will be under the effect of kotomamatsukami.

Obito, as juubi's host, you are stuck inside, as I used the power on him. And no one else inside here has the ocular power to break out and defeat me.

*Footsteps are heard, and feet are shown, each step begins darkening the white space with an inky black, slithering substance. Soon giant black snakes begin to appear. They all have sharingan.*

*sasuke appears from the chest down*

SASUKE: You didn't count me out did you?


MADARA: You can't beat me, boy... A lone uchiha with EMS? You weren't the only one who obtained that eye, kid. You hardly have enough power.

SASUKE: I didn't...

*sasuke's face is shown. He has orochimaru's markings above his eyes. His skin begins to darken, and the serpent's become dragons, writhing through the sky.*


*Sasuke's EMS RIPPLES and becomes a rin'negan, the dragons manifest it as well and start flying around sasuke.*

OROCHIMARU: *FROM INSIDE OF SASUKE* I thought I would have had more time, more time to prepare... Who would have thought he would have taken advantage of our situation to preform fushi tensei on me and fully integrate with my body! now that he has possessed my mind, and taken all of my knowledge on sage mode and the rin'negan! There is no escape from here...Turns out he was a snake after all. Well, At least I can personally see his wind blowing and changing the world. He gave me that. kukuku...


[Can this new sasuke prove to be a match for madara, or is the edo tensei too much for him to overcome? Find out next week!]
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