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October Loves

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I love this album. When they uploaded the lyric video for The Robot with Human Hair Pt. 4, I instantly fell in love with it. Give it a listen. Tillian's voice is amazing, even Kellin can't beat it. Sorry Kells, but Tillian's got this one.

Dance Gavin Dance is one of those bands that I listen to for their music. I had no idea how they looked like, until I saw their music video for Strawberry Swisher Pt. 3. Not gonna lie, they're some dapper-looking dudes.

Looks aside, this album is spot on. In fact, I'm listening to it right now and have been ever since the album came out on the 8th of October. Their sound is unique. Screaming, singing, tad bit of rapping here and there. What intrigues me about this band is their lyrics. Just google up any of their songs. The lyrics are very metaphorical. So, they're all open to many interpretations. I've read reviews on this album saying that this album was bad. I disagree. I guess I have a thing for bands who goes outside of the box and sound different from the many other bands out there in the music industry. Just like Enter Shikari. I love this album. It's amazing and no one can convince me otherwise. A few of my top favourites from Acceptance Speech are The Robot with Human Hair Pt. 4, Demo Team, Death of the Robot with Human Hair and The Jiggler.


I'm gonna be really honest and put this out there. I drifted away from Asking Alexandria. I was really getting bored of their sound and when they released Run Free, that was when I stopped listening to them altogether. However, when they released the audio for The Death of Me, I had to give them another chance. When I heard the rock mix for that song, I was hooked. I fell in love with their new sound and the new direction that they're heading. The whole rock and roll feel is really refreshing, to say the least.

Danny tearing his vocal chord is most definitely the best thing to have happened to this band, and I'm saying this with all due respect. A lot of the songs on this album is very rock-inspired. They're heavy but they're not all hardcore-heavy. In the past albums, their lyrics have a lot of "I hate myself, and it's all your fault" vibe to them. As for the new songs, they have a (as in the song The Death of Me puts it) "I'm back and I'm better than ever" vibe. I love it. It's full of positivity, even if it's about burning the whole world down (Poison). Some of my favourites from this album is The Death of Me (Rock Mix), Break Down The Walls, Poison, White Line Fever and Dead.

TV Shows


Breaking bad is over and I'm having withdrawals. The show starts off pretty slow but it gets more and more intense as seasons and episodes passes. The season finale, Felina, is... unexpecting. All this while, I hated Heisenberg/Walter and now that the series is over, I wish I hadn't hated him as much as I did. The plot twist is mind blowing. How bits from the previous episodes just work together like pieces of a puzzle and just put together perfectly in the last episode. I'm currently having too much feels for this show. Everyone needs to go watch it, but if you're not a gore kinda person. I suggest you don't, or maybe watch with someone because there will be a lot of blood and flesh. In fact, you might not even survive the first episode. If you're okay with gore, this show is a MUST WATCH.


I'm obsessed with this show, and I'm proud. I love this show to death. Sure there's scary monsters and ghosts and spirits and demons, but the show gets more and more complicated. Well, to a point where I just hate the show altogether. But yet I still watch it. It's unexplainable. (Unless maybe the writers of the show has my soul, then that would explain a lot.) Some people might get tired of this show after a while because it does get exhausting to watch after a while. However, if you're like me and get way too attached to fictional characters, this show would cater to your every soul-crushing needs. Or, stay away from Supernatural, idk. It's your choice whether you want to ruin your life or not.

A little backstory about what Supernatural is:

There's the Winchesters, Dean and Sam. Dean is Sam's older brother. Their father, John, is a hunter. He hunts monsters and demons. Dean and Sam gets sucked into following his footsteps. Their mother, Mary, well... you'll find out what happened to her in the first episode. So their dad goes missing and for the first four seasons, they go around looking for him. In season 4, you meet Castiel. He's an angel. You'll also meet a lot more angels - Gabriel, Balthazar, Michael, Uriel, Zachariah, Lucifer, and many more as the seasons go by. Yes, Lucifer, the one that's in hell. You'd think you'll hate him. Well, just watch the show. The fandom isn't as crazy as you think they are. (Or maybe they are insane, idk.)


If there is a fandom that denies the death of a character so much that they make a tv series, it's the Marvel fandom. I may have spoiled something but I didn't type the words out so, infer for yourselves. Just watch the trailer, love it and watch the damn show. There's a rumour that says Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might be cancelled. Do you know how upset I am??? I love this show, they can't just take it away from me. WATCH IT BEFORE THEY TAKE IT AWAY.

*aggressively hopes that they don't cancel AoS*



Don't watch this show if you get triggered by murder or rape scenes. Back away from this show immediately, or get someone to explain the first episode to you. I'm being very serious right now. The show doesn't come with a trigger warning so this will serve as one.

There is also a lot of gore in this show. Gore, violence, witchcraft, beastiality (seriously), and who knows what else. This show is fucked up. So why do I watch it? It's interesting. The storyline, the characters, the plot.AHS: Murder House and AHS: Asylum were equally interesting. Taissa is back as Zoe, and it's nice to see her in AHS again. It's also said that Zachary Quinto might be back so i'm hoping for that. This show is extremely intense, and I mean EXTREMELY intense. Some things don't make sense but after watching Murder House and Asylum, it's pretty much expected. Watch it, don't watch it. I like it but I don't think many of you would.
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