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Splendid Chaps

This year Doctor Who turns 50! To celebrate these 11 '', Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, 'patron saint of geek comedy') and John Richards (ABC1's Outland, Boxcutters TV podcast) are recording a every month from January to November.

In November it's

As Splendid Chaps draws to a close, we want to look forward as well as back, and so we take as our theme the future. The Doctor in the old series and the new has often looked forward in time, whether a few decades, a few centuries, or even millions or billions of years. How has the show depicted the future? Has it tried to be predictive, or to express our hopes and fears? And what of the future of the show itself? With Matt Smith leaving, and Moffat's time surely also coming to an end, what does the future have in store for Doctor Who?[1]


An internet crib sheet guide to the Dr Who episodes listed for the Splendid Chaps.

The Doctor, the lonely god, last of the Time Lords, comes face to face with his own people and their most evil son, the Master, but manages to avert their disastrous return, seemingly avoiding his foretold death. But Wilf, an ordinary old man present for the final battle, taps on the radiation-filled booth in which he is trapped - fulfilling the prophecy that "he will knock four times". The Doctor grudgingly saves Wilf, absorbing the fatal radiation, and leaves for a "victory lap" around the Universe, waving a silent goodbye to old friends. Having held back death for so long, his regeneration is explosive, severely damaging the TARDIS and sending it hurtling towards Earth. The new Doctor is youthful, eccentric, enthusiastic and affectionate, but rather more alien than his predecessor, out of touch with human culture and at times feeling all of his 900 plus years. He forms a bond with a young Scottish girl, Amelia Pond, and accidentally binds their entire lives together.[1]



The Eleventh Hour was the first episode of the fifth series of BBC Wales Doctor Who. It marked Matt Smith's first full story as the Doctor, as well as the debut of Karen Gillan as new companion Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as recurring character and future companion Rory Williams.


Vincent and the Doctor was the tenth episode of the fifth series of BBC Wales Doctor Who. It showed the Doctor making a new friend in Vincent van Gogh, which would help later. The story also gave a possible explanation as to why Vincent's final works of art were so much better than what he had done before.


The Girl Who Waited was the tenth episode in the sixth series of Doctor Who. The moral choice at the centre of the story made it a character study of the relationship between Amy and Rory. The Eleventh Doctor's recklessness toward travelling across history would also be brought into question, and how he chose to lie in the face of a grim outcome.



The Enemy of the World was the fourth story of Season 5 of Doctor Who. It saw Patrick Troughton play both the lead protagonist and antagonist. It was the only story of that season which did not follow the "base under siege" monster format.


Day of the Daleks was the first story of Season 9 of Doctor Who. It is notable for marking the return of the Daleks as ongoing adversaries of the Doctor, after they had been effectively retired five years earlier in The Evil of the Daleks.


Frontios was the third story in the twenty-first season of Doctor Who. Eric Saward asked former script editor Christopher H. Bidmead to contribute a story and Nathan-Turner requested that it be monster-centric. This would be a significant change from Bidmead's earlier stories, Logopolis and Castrovalva, as neither featured monsters.


The End of the World was the second story in the first series of Doctor Who. It was the first instance of travelling into the viewers' relative future in the revived series. The story also introduced recurring characters Lady Cassandra and the Face of Boe, and featured the first mention of the ubiquitous phrase "Bad Wolf". Though of relatively minor impact here, it soon exploded into a persistent story arc that continued to thrive across multiple series beyond the first in the revived continuity.


Utopia was the eleventh episode of the third series of the revived series of Doctor Who. It marked the return of Captain Jack Harkness and notably featured the first televised re-appearance of the Master since 1996 s Doctor Who TV movie.

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