Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The 10 best celebrity Halloween costumes you missed yesterday

Halloween has come and gone, but the pictures of celebrities in their amazing costumes last a lifetime. Here are the 10 costumes you might've missed from yesterday's festivities:

Leave it to MILEY CYRUS to come up with new ways to shock and surprise us. The Bangerz singer channeled rapper Lil Kim and her infamous (and NSFW) .

Meanwhile, somebody had to dress up as Miley, so KELLY RIPA took it upon herself to wear a bear-themed onesie, while Live co-host MICHAEL STRAHAN did his best Robin Thicke impression-striped suit and all. (Ripa wasn't the only one dressed as Miley though, check out Jenny McCarthy's .)


Nope, that's not Pamela Anderson reprising her famous role as a Baywatch babe. It's MATT LAUER (!) dressed as the blonde bombshell for the Today Show's beloved Halloween costume reveal.

Same show, different costume theme. For the KATHIE LEE and HODA fourth hour Halloween bonanza, the co-hosts pulled from the Stone Age to play Wilma and Betty Rubble.

Perhaps BEYONCE pulled inspiration from her hit ?(Blue Ivy was her !)

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? THE HONEY BOO BOO clan got their sunglasses and long brunette wigs in check to play the Kardashian family. Mama June took on the role of Mama Jenner Kardashian of course.

Image Credit: ABC

Quel Scandal! JOSHUA MALINA, of the ABC drama, dressed as his Scandal counterpart, Kerry Washington for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Snaps for even rocking the Prada purse.

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and daughter Harper played bride and groom yesterday-bride of Frankenstein and the monster himself, that is.

An amazing body, sparkly smile and youthful face-Project Runway host HEIDI KLUM never seems to age, but for Halloween night, she showed us what she'd look like as an old, old woman. Today she can go back to being a gorgeous supermodel.

And clocking in as the most amazing trick-or-treating duo of all time, SANDRA BULLOCK and MELISSA MCCARTHY make the rounds with Bullock's son Louis while going incognito in these fisherman get-ups. Not pictured, McCarthy's husband Ben Falcone, who joined the fun as a jailbird.

BONUS: ELLEN DEGENERES donned a blonde wig and a whole lot of leather to pay to hip-hop star (and frequent Ellen guest) Nicki Minaj.

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