Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Crazy....QUILT.... lady???

so to all those people who ask me what I DO to stay sane in such a quiet house...well, lately-- I QUILT.

Of course, I am always taking up new hobbies.I LOVE to learn, and love to create things. I pretty much enjoy all forms of arts and crafts (though I'm not great at them all... lol)

I am truly enjoying learning to quilt though, I really really enjoy it :)

I'm not one of those amazing hand quilters ( I cannot throw a stitch by hand to save my life) so I'm teaching myself to machine quilt! I think it's going really well too :)

It all started in March-April 2011 when I decided I wanted to make a quilt each for my mother in law and my mommy as a mother's day gift for 2011 :)

I started with my Mother-in-Law's quilt. It is a neutral palate of colors, and is faith inspired. It actually was the first "quilt" I'd ever made. and ended up just being a pieced top with a comforter-ish composition. no actual quilting happened....but it turned out lovely :)just a lap quilt mind you, but a lovely one.

This is the finished product! (I didn't take many pics! sorry)

Next up was a "puff quilt" for my mommy.unfortunately my sewing machine broke about 1/3 of the way through making the puffs! and I had to wait until december for my birthday to get a new machine to get re-started!

I made this quilt by individually making little pillows then sewing them all together! then I made a big pillow for the center and hand embroidered (french knots) a monogrammed C on the center block!

Then I quilted it by individually tying off embroidery floss to give it an old-fashioned touch! She loved it !

Purple is her favorite color.... in case you hadn't guessed!

Next up I decided to do a quilt for my "Step-Mama" TC for mother's Day THIS may.I got a fat quarter bundle for free, but they didn't match my house colors, so I bought two more fabrics and made this lovely Belle Wave quilt for T!

I LOVED this quilt.... and pretty much immediately set about making a quilt for my baby sister's birthday in SEPTEMBER!

While working on Mandy's quilt, I had to stop to quilt this LOVELY "grandmother's flower garden" quilt top my Grandma had hand stitched together over 20 years ago!!! omg, I was terrified of ruining this quilt top! it was SO BEAUTIFUL!

I did a back and forth loopty loop freemotion design for all over quilting on this QUEEN SIZE monster :)Then I cut the edges into a scalloped design, which I thought was super girly ;)

Next up was my baby sister's 21st birthday present quilt!I literally worked on this quilt from may-september and finished it up ON her birthday! it was a lot of detail!all free motion quilted. The circles are pieced instead of appliqued-- it took FOREVER!then I did loops up and down the lines and big swirls inside each circle. Last but not even close to least I quilted paw prints walking up and down the quilt... it looked so amazing when it was done!!!

So, her favorite color is orange. I was so very glad to be done with all the orange. lol. it's ....okay. but not my fave.

In between projects I pieced a quilt top for my cousin Kevin as a Christmas/Birthday gift

Blue was his only request. so I did pinwheels :D

and then I got to start on one of the THREE quilts I have in the making for ME!

First I bought these amazing fabric rolls at Big Lots for $7.50 apiece (psh, amazing)

sewed the strips together, then cut into squares, sewed the squares togther right sides together, cut and sewed the pieces together....... and I admit I only have about five of these blocks made, because I fell out of love with the colors and stopped working....maybe I'll restart someday.

I have one more set of GORGEOUS fabric all cut into strips to make into a zig zag quilt for my bed....but I have thus far done NO sewing. and I've had that fabric since last december!!! I suck.

But I fell completely in LOVE with this fabric I found at WalMart-- I just HAD to have it. so I reached deep and found an old pattern I'd been hoarding so I had an excuse to make THIS!

So far I have the top finished and STARTED the middle. It's a giant flower!it looks weird right now because I have the quilting pattern marked underneath the stitching, but it WILL be gorgeous!

so yeah, that's what I've been up to! I also learned how to sew clothing....and that is a blog for another day!


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