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The Vampire Diaries Episode 5 05


This week's episode of had a very similar feel to the earlier seasons of the series which included a huge shock and awe factor."Monster's Ball" was everything a TVD fan could ask in an episode centered around a ball, dance, gala or any social gathering of that matter. It fully took advantage of most of the characters being together. There was romance, dancing, family, friendship, heartbreak and it wouldn't be TVD if we didn't have some doppelganger hi-jinx every now and then.



The episode begins in Professor Maxfield's lab at Whitmore College. The professor is conducting more tests on transitioning vampire, Jesse. And if killing him with vampire blood in his system wasn't enough, he has him strapped to a metal table starving.Meanwhile, across campus, Elena is writing in her diary about Bonnie's death and distracting herself when Dr. Maxfield approaches and they chat about the evening's Historical Ball. Elena continues her writing until she gets a phone call from Damon which she ignores and he shows up behind her. He agrees to attend the costume ball. Before he knows it, Elena insists she has to go to class and leaves. On her way to class, she passes her roomie's memorial and encounters a handsome co-ed mourning the death of his friend. He is very sad and rather anti-social. I really liked that Elena still writes in her diary sometimes. I think it is a nice way to really understand where the character's head is because it doesn't always come through on screen.

A Deal With The Devil

Back at the Salvatore house, Damon is telling Jeremy and Bonnie his plan to work with Silas to bring Bonnie back to life. He met with Silas, who once cured will become a witch again, and he agrees to bring Bonnie back to life when he dies. All Silas needs from Damon is for him to kill Stefan so he will regain his psychic abilities. After Damon is finished detailing the plan that also included a "don't tell Elena," Bonnie is completely against anything of the sort, but Jeremy agrees saying it is worth a try.

"Supernaturally, yeah, it's possible, but this is the same Silas who murdered my father. He's ruthless, and whatever spell he could do, there'll be some consequences. There always is. So no. My answer is definitely not."- Bonnie.

Bonnie insists that Jeremy call Elena to tell her about Damon's plan, but Jeremy says he won't. He her it just isn't enough anymore, he needs more. He needs to be able to feel her touch. This scene between Jeremy and Bonnie was so sweet and really do hope they can bring Bonnie back.


In a motel Nadia still has Katherine and they are still hiding from Silas, who needs Katherine's blood to cure him. Unhappy with the food, Katherine insists on something better to eat so the pair head to a nearby diner. Demanding what Nadia wants with her, Katherine is forced to answer questions about her past and Nadia confesses that Katherine killed her mother. Katherine being well, Katherine broke a rung off a nearby chair and stabbed Nadia before running out of the diner. The scene where Katherine just causally runs down her list of past schemes like it's nothing, as if its a grocery list or something was great.

"I also impersonated a teenager to get my ex-boyfriends to make out with me, staged a fake fight to trigger my lover's werewolf curse . Ohand I chopped off this douchey guy's fingers with a butcher knife once -- that was cool." - Katherine.

She returns later to find Nadia in a nearby alley struggling to pull out the stake and calls her out on her bullshit story. Nadia then agrees to tell her the real story and describes Katherine's own human death and confesses that she is her daughter, the one taken from her so many years ago. They returned to a motel. I loved that after all years we meet Katherine's daughter. The reveal was great and completely unexpected.


Meanwhile, back at Whitmore College, Caroline and Tyler make up for lost time over and over again. Then dressed as Bonnie and Clyde they attend the annual Whitmore College Historical Society's Ball. There they meet up with Stefan who is dressed as James Dean. He steals Caroline away for a dance. Across the room Elena, dressed as Anne Boleyn, enters to meet Damon, her King, Henry VII. He tries to coax her into a dance, but Elena is feeling guilty about her summer with Damon and not noticing something was wrong with Bonnie. She shrugs him off and heads over to talk to the handsome stranger she met earlier at Megan's memorial. She finds out his name is Aaron and compels him for answers. She doesn't find out much, but does realize he is an awful lot like her. He reveals that everyone around him dies.

Dressed as Cleopatra, Tessa decides to attend the evening's events. She makes her way down the steps to the ballroom and heads to the bar where Stefan is having a drink. Of course he has no clue who she is because she's who fried his brain. In an attempt to apologize she offers to get him a drink and then Damon interrupts and insist Stefan go with him. He takes Stefan upstairs, where he snaps his neck and in walks Silas. Snapping Stefan's neck severed their connection and Silas regains his psychic abilities. He takes Stefan's costume and heads back to the ball.Posing as Stefan, Silas approaches Tessa for a dance, Unaware she's dancing with her ex, Tessa is off guard and he is able to read her mind to find out the reason she is even in attendance. He discovers she looking for her talisman to find an anchor to a spell that the travelers hid long ago.

Tessa finds her talisman and just as she does Stefan, the real Stefan, isn't getting his neck snapped again and pretends to be out and catches Damon off guard, so he snaps his instead. As Stefan awakes Silas doubles over in pain from losing his powers again, unintentionally outs himself to Tessa just as Stefan walks in confirming she'd been tricked. Furious, Tessa puts her hand in Silas' chest and stops his heart turning him grey and lifeless. As painful as it was to watch the brothers snap each other's necks, at least it was only a temporary funeral. While all that is going on upstairs.

Elena is still managing her guilty by figuring out why Megan's death was covered up. She asks Professor Maxfield to dance and at the end he has a warning for her. He tells her he knows what her and her friends are and warns her to leave Whitmore College. He does not want to see her ever again and if the right people start asking the right questions, it;s not going to be good. Professor Maxfield stops Aaron on way out demands his keys because he smells alcohol on his breath. Aaron asks for cab money and we learn the professor is Aaron's legal guardian and manages his trust fund. I did not see that one coming! I like the mystery that surrounds the professor and his supernatural knowledge, I think despite his methods, telling Elena to leave was his way of protecting her. '

As the evening winds down, Caroline and Tyler are sitting on the steps talking. She wants to discuss him attendingWhitmore with her, but he has other plans, He wants to find Klaus because he killed his mother. He wants to make him pay. Caroline is tired of having the same talk and just wants him to stay and be with her and says if he leaves she is done. He leaves and the pair part ways. While, I was sad to she them break up, I am really excited for Tyler to join The Originals.

"Then stay. Be the love of my life. Just love me more than you hate him." - Caroline.

Katherine 3.0

At the Salvatore house Damon and Elena brought a lifeless, grey Silas home with them and put him on the couch. Elena is telling Damon about the warning from the professor and they are discussing their next move when they conclude if they cure Silas, he will be a witch again and could bring Bonnie back to life with his death when there's a knock at the door. Damon called Katherine and unsuspecting of his intentions comes. Damon feeds Katherine to Silas, just as she did to Jeremy. Silas drained Katherinebringing him back to lifeas Damon and Elena watched.Katherine's body hits the floor. but to Damon, Elena and everyone's surprise Katherine comes to, she's still alive.


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