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Top 5 Scandal Fan Theories on #OperationRemington


Ever since Rowan - Command of B613 - gave Cyrus Beene that file on #OperationRemington, fans have been throwing out theories as to what on earth made the Monster's face turn white as a sheet. We have a few theories of our own, but some of the best ones we've seen have been depicted by other Scandalicious Gladiators. Some of the theories made us scratch our heads, others we looked at and thought "Nope, nuh-uh" and some we simply adore. We've compiled a list of our Top 5 Favorite Fan Theories on Operation Remington below. Check them out and tell us what you think!

5. Olivia Pope's Mom Revealed.

With 123 Likes we just LOVE what Scandal Fan , had to say, "Angela Bassett should play Liv's mom."

"I believe that Liv's mom is alive. Angela Bassett should play Liv's mom she's a boss for sure!" ~

4. Fitz Killed The Love Of His Life's Momma.

Nope, nuh-uh, I just can't imagine a scenario where Fitz would be behind the death Of Olivia Pope's mom. If it was the case, it would certainly shift their relationship dramatically - and the love triangle in the works between Fitz and Jake, well, that'd bring those affairs to a final conclusion. I'm betting on Fitz's words: "You cross the line at murder" that he wouldn't go that far. But still, good try Eleanor.

"Either Fitz had everything to do with Oliva's moms death OR she is still alive"`~


3. Liv's Mom Faked Her Own Death.

Yes, we've all seen the . He keeps great company with Cyrus Beene doesn't he?! Fan Tracie calls him Monster Eli (though we think that name is already taken by Cyrus) - she might be on to something though, with her theory that Eli/Rowan wasn't behind Liv's mom's death at all, but that Mrs. Pope erased herself. I'm betting that you live with a man long enough, you pick up on his secrets - and maybe one or two you wish you'd never stumbled upon. Maybe she realized it was time to get the hell out of that relationship? The main reason we're not completely sold on this theory is we're not sure if momma would leave her daughter behind, but Tracie you certainly got our minds spinning! We'll sidestep the Jake comments for now, but remember - there's absolutely no bathroom breaks during ScandalEVER!

"I would like the story line of Liv's mom being alive. Since we have met Monster Eli we can see why she would fake her death. To take Liv would have been a mistake cause we saw what he has done to Huck. I believe Eli fix something in Fitz former military life and Pete wanted to tell him the truth. Now the concern is what will happen when everyone learns that Eli is Liv's father. Also, how did someone like Cyrus meet him. Finally I'm not a Jake fans as a boyfriend for Liv .maybe a best friend but not a boyfriend. So, when they kiss it seems so forced. Maybe its me but that is the one time during the show when I decide to go to bathroom. Major turn off. It lacks chemistry." ~


This fan had one of the most interesting theories that garnished her 20 likes - not nearly enough to make the top comments but she sure got our attention with Liv's mom's "new identity." It's quite possible that if we went by this theory that Liv's mom may not just be ALIVE but after all this time keeping her distance and watching from the shadows.

"I think Operation Remington was Liv's mom being shipped off by Rowan for a "new identity" just as Liv would have been if she got on that plane. Fitz has no idea he was the pilot on a plane that made Liv's mom vanish. Jake is hired by Rowan to distract her from being with Fitz (remember, he was also down with Operation Remington) and that's why he's dropping hints at Liv so that Liv can hate Fitz and end the affair " ~

1. Momma Is Alive And Being Tortured By Daddy Pope.

If you've been tuning in to Scandal Season 3 then you've met Rowan Pope and understand our urge to punch the screen when he speaks (however, Joe Morton is a brilliant actor and clearly we want to see more). So when fan Arlene suggests the actual location where Olivia's mom may be held, a light-bulb clicks over our heads. Where do B613 members go when they don't do what Command says? They get thrown in a box and locked away from the light of day. Could this be Olivia's mom's fate, this very moment? Could she be a part of B613 herself, an assassin or otherwise? Oh the shivers of delight we feel at this particular revelation!

"I think olivia mom is alive n her father has her in wonderland..torturing her..hes capable of anything.." ~


While perusing the #OperationRemington Facebook comments, we noticed a lot of unrelated topics - like #WhoIsHarrison, is Peter Foster really Jake or Fitz (*scratches head*), the latest on Kerry Washington's pregnancy and how they'll work it into the storyline. They may not have to do with Rowan Pope, but there were a few entertaining comments we simply have to mention (and hopefully they'll give you a chuckle).says: "I think Peter Foster was gonna say he was tired of pretending to be Peter Foster when in fact his name is Fitzgerald Grant" and a tongue twister by " "I think Fitz is Pete Foster. Coz Fitz was the pilot. And the pilot was killed. So Pete Foster took the identity of Fitz. And he works for B613. So B613 has a man in White House. And B613 Commands's daughter helped him win not knowing he was B613." (Yea, read that again but slowly. LOL!)

Whatever the conclusion you make on Operation Remington, the location or status of Olivia's mom, or Rowan Pope's role in the whole debacle, it's always great to theorise. What do you think of these Scandal Fan theories? Do you agree or disagree with our thoughts? Let us know by commenting below!


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