Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unable to Defend Their Agenda, Liberals Attack the T.E.A. Party

The die has been cast for the 2014 midterm elections as well as for the 2016 general elections and liberals know that the overriding issues for either election are not in their favor.

This is why we have seen ramped up efforts on the part of liberals to demonize the Tea Party.

Make no mistake, these are preemptive strikes.

During the 2010 midterms, liberals took the Tea Party far, far too lightly and the result was a major shellacking. Liberals lost the house and with it, the smooth waters for Obama's socialist agenda.

Now, Obama's party is running scared, sensing a sequel to those 2010 midterms.

Historically, midterm elections do not favor the party in power and liberals know that all too well.

To combat the coming storm, liberals are now increasing their efforts to label Conservatives as the party of evil, vile and destructive agenda motives.

Arsonists Hostage takers Terrorists purveyors of domestic violence Demanding ransoms Extremists Racist

You have heard the labels and they will only become more vile as we approach the 2014 elections with the Tea Party square in the crosshairs.

The liberal core voters are uninformed, will vote democrat, as they have for decades, even in the face of their own reality, and they are gullible, believing whatever they are told by their party regardless of the truth.

The truth of the Tea Party is exactly the opposite of the liberal propaganda.

The Tea Party.


Taxed Enough Already Party.

The Tea Party stands for LOWER taxes NOT just for the RICH as falsely claimed by liberals but for ALL Americans.

Less government interference in the lives of ALL Americans.

The preservation of RIGHTS for ALL Americans.

EQUALITY under the law for ALL Americans.

Government OF BY and FOR the people rather than a government ABOVE the people.

The Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party believes in CONSTITUTIONALLY limited government, SELF-RELIANCE rather than reliance on government, elected officials being ACCOUNTABLE to the PEOPLE rather than the PEOPLE being accountable to the GOVERNMENT and the traditional American values of God, Country and Family.

Those are the core values of the Taxed Enough Already Party from which liberals say you should run for your very lives. The core values liberals want you to believe are evil and vile.


Because those Taxed Enough Already Party values are in direct opposition to the liberal agenda of higher and higher taxes, more government control, bigger and more intrusive government, the people's reliance ON government and the expansion of the entitlement state.

The Taxed Enough Already Party wants the Constitutional Republic created by and entrusted to us by our nation's founders and framers while liberals seek to "FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM" America into a socialist state.

Socialism, as a political ideology and in practice has failed everywhere it has been enacted and a socialist America will fair no better.

In fact, the United States has now passed a major tipping point on the way to socialist failure under the "leadership" of liberals. It didn't happen overnight and it wasn't brought about solely under the Obama administration.

This tipping point has been nearly 50 years in the making but accelerated greatly under the current administration.

There are now more Americans receiving some sort of government assistance Welfare Food stamps Government disability payments and other various entitlements than there are Americans with full-time jobs.

With the advent of Obamacare, its intended transformation into a single payer system, more and more companies cutting their labor force via either lay-offs or reductions to part-time worker hours combined with the liberal expansion and easier access to welfare, food stamps and disability payments The scales will tip further and further toward the completely unsustainable socialist state.

Add to that, the exploding national debt Currently at $17 TRILLION dollars and rising by the day and you have all the makings of the sort of socialist downfall we have seen everywhere such a system has ever been tried.

One of the boogie monsters being touted today by liberals is that the evil and vile Taxed Enough Already Party wants to enact cuts in entitlements and how dare they.

However, the Taxed Enough Already Party knows full well that the current entitlement system is on overload, in serious trouble and facing collapse. To shore it up To ensure that things like social security and Medicare remain viable for the long term, cuts to future payouts must be made NOW or those programs will clearly run dry in the short term.

Short term pain for the long term gain.

Because of the liberal agenda, those programs are in dire jeopardy of collapse in the next decade and the pain of THAT will be MUCH worse than the inconvenience of making adjustments to future benefactors NOW.

Another of the liberal boogie monsters are the rich.

As liberals always claim to want to grow the MIDDLE CLASS, they propose the best way to do that is by TAXING the RICH and big businesses but common sense dispels that as a viable practice.

To do so eventually removes the incentives to be productive and removes the entrepreneurial, growth oriented mindset from business owners.

What happens when there is no more UPPER class?

The MIDDLE class BECOMES the upper class and guess who will THEN become the targets of socialism?

The NEW upper class What USED to be the MIDDLE class and, given the natural progression of socialism Eventually, there will be nothing left but those relegated to government provided assistance.

Total collapse.

The inevitable conclusion of Margaret Thatcher's warning: "THE PROBLEM WITH SOCIALISM IS THAT EVENTUALLY YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY."

Liberalism or socialism equates to government mandated lowering of one's station until all are equally miserable.

The Taxed Enough Already Party is, in fact, the party of OPPORTUNITY for Americans to INCREASE their station in society by removing government obstacles.

Simply put, the more people IN the workforce and the LESS receiving government handouts at the expense of taxpayers means MORE revenue flowing INTO government at LOWER tax rates.

By restructuring the tax system, making it more even across the board, people in every station of society can keep more of what they earn, save and invest more and thus, move UP rather than DOWN on the ladder.

Business owners can invest in GROWING their businesses with the certainty of being able to forecast their future taxes and lower CORPORATE tax rates will ENCOURAGE growth, not to mention KEEPING big business from relocating to various countries where corporate taxes are not a HINDRANCE to growth.

The taxed Enough Already Party believes in opening the doors of opportunity to each and every American regardless of demographics as personal success across the board creates a stronger economy and a stronger nation.

The only opportunities embraced by liberalism is the opportunities to grow the government and usurp more and more power from the people.

If you are now one of the more than 101 MILLION Americans accepting government assistance, you are also accepting more control over your lives BY the government and the more the government gives to you, the less liberties you have.

Nothing in American history will strip away personal liberty faster and more completely than Obamacare and relegate the people to government control more completely and Obamacare is but the stepping stone to a single payer system Full on socialism.

So Given the Tea Party propensity towards personal liberty, a constitutional republic, the private sector over the public sector and steadfastly against the socialist transformation of America Just as it was in the 2010 midterms it will be again in the 2014 elections Obamacare will be THE issue and liberals are now launching their preemptive strikes NOT defending Obamacare but DEMONIZING the Taxed Enough Already Party.

That should tell you all you need to know.
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