Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[VIDEO] "Juan Dela Cruz" TV Series Finale October 25, 2013 Episode Review

Today is the finale of "Juan Dela Cruz" series where, Rosario is still in the hands of the son of the dark.

The tagabantay faces Peruha and her son so that Rosario will back on her family. However, somethings happen after meeting see each other.

Will Juan saves the life of his fiancee? What will be the ending of the series? Watch the video below.

"Juan dela Cruz" is a Philippine primetime TV series directed by Malu Sevilla. It stars Coco Martin as Juan dela Cruz, a half-human and half-vampire who falls in love with Rosario (Erich Gonzales).

The story of this series is about an orphan boy brought up in the church by a righteous parish priest who guided him towards goodness and faith upon the Lord Jesus Christ, who eventually referred as Bossing by Juan.

However, because he had an innate temper, the prudish townspeople disliked him except the priest whom he regarded as his father.

But the priest was killed by a thief. So, the little boy had no choice but to leave the place and went to Manila.

There he will finally come to face his destiny as a guardian, take hold of a powerful but enchanting weapon called Cross of Steel which transforms into four different weaponries.

He will then also come to terms with his real identity as a vampire. He will fight dark forces in the form of humanoid and monster like creatures.

His recent encounter is Santana the leader of the half human and half horse monsters.

Watch "Juan Dela Cruz" series at ABS-CBN primetime bida after TV Patrol.

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