Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Web Comics in Review #2

Hey, Paco!You like chicken?

"Yes.They are cuddly and soft."

Oh, uhwell, the one we're about to talk about isn't necessarily alive.

"Oh, I see.You meant as a meal.Is it deep fried or rotisserie?"

Actually, there's no meat on this chicken.It's all bones.

"You ate it without me?"

No, Paco.That's not what I meant.I was-

"How could you?I thought we were friends."

Well, technically no, but you see-

"I see how it is.You do not wish to share with Paco.Fine!I don't need you, youyou FARTHEAD!"

Farthead?Wait, did you just refer to yourself in the third pers-

"I will leave now.Paco knows when he is not wanted.Good day, sir."

You just did it agai-



Well, that happened.I feel bad about hurting Paco's feelings, even though I didn't actually do anything.I'm sure he'll be fine.For now let's move forward with the usual toils.

Today we will be taking a look at another web comic entitled "Death Chicken."Before we get any deeper, I feel I must issue the following warning about spoilers:


There.That should do it.

Created by Deviantart artist Bezzalair, "Death Chicken" is the story of, you guessed it, the spirit of Chicken Death.Set in an out-of-the-way farm in a pocket dimension between dimensions, where exists a quaint little farm were the Grim Reaper lives and works.The Reaper, in this case is played by the skeleton of a crotchety old farmer with a bad under bite and dressedin footy pajamas.He spends his days, shepherding the souls of the dead and tending to his wasteland of a farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.Honestly, I think this is the hell Eustice Bagg from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" is bound for and, whelp, here he is.

As you can imagine being Death is an exhausting and thankless job.No one's ever happy to see you.Making new friends is so difficult since everyone you meet is, well, dead.And the abundance of live on our little cosmic corner of paradise is so great that it's difficult to be everywhere when those last few seconds just tick away.So much so, that the Reaper needs a little help gathering the souls of the dearly departed.Thankfully, he has his companions, the reaper animals, there to make sure all those fluffy little critters get to where they need to go.

Admittedly, they have better fashion sense than their master.Oh, and the rabbit on top of the bull is not a rabbit.He's an owlor maybe a groundhog.I'm not really sure.He's just cuteshut up.

These bestial death spirits perform the same duties as the big "D"individually specified worlds behind magic doors where each species live and work and play as humans do in their own.It's sort of like the Chinese zodiac, only instead of telling you which animal you were born under, you're told which animal is coming to haunt you until you go kaput.Out of all these animals there is one unique Reaper that stands out beyond the rest as the laziest, the most aggravating, and the least appetizing entre in the known universe: Death Chicken.

Death Chicken is laid back and carefree, but is prone to getting into trouble and being an outright nuisance to society at large.She constantly ignores her duties to sleep, watch TV, and play games.Meanwhile in chicken world, evils plots are underfoot.The monster chickens, freaks of nature with mysterious powers that are shunned by their own kind, unknowingly harbor a great threat even they have banished from their own numbers.The main villain of the story, Patch, the Human faced Chicken, is a Chesire-like fiend who resembles a certain maniacal comic book clown has stolen a very dangerous item from Death's farmhouse.The dreaded and feared scourge of all those who would harm creepy crawlers, the Worm King.

Patch scrams before anyone discovers the missing invertebrate, which doesn't take long.Death immediately blames Death Chicken as she has tried eating him before, but she's already departed for parts most poultry to visit a few pals.Namely, the bird-headed, Egyptian-like guardian of the Chicken world who she is flirting with in her spare time.She even learns how to transform into a semi-human form to entice him.Incidentally, this is also the same person Patch wants the Worm King to kill, partly as a distraction while he frees an imprisoned girlfriend, Hester, a monster chicken without a head and covered in human mouths.Her reason for staying indefinitely at hotel Prison?Well, she isn't called the Cannibal Chicken for nothing.

The story goes on with Death Chicken's beset friend being a werechicken, the bloody carnage of a Worm King angry at all barnyard fowls for eating his comrades, and an awkward scythe through the chest.The story gets graphic with lots of blood and violence, but it's largely overturned by the humor in the comic.The characters are unforgettable but not completely three dimensional.There are plenty of clich 's throughout and the reaper animals are stereotypical caricatures of what one would expect from an animal in a cartoon, but that doesn't detract from the fun atmosphere.

The art style is hard to place, but there is obviously some influences from many sources.The characters and color scheme call back to classic works of Tim Burton like "Beetlejuice" and "A Nightmare Before Christmas."I had mentioned courage the cowardly dog before and I think it's because I could sense a bit of the old cartoon in the mix.Overall, the comic's look is of a twisted and memorable landscape filled with creatures that draw you in from the moment you see them.The dialogue is very good.The back and forth between the characters is very fluid and sounds like real conversations being held by real people.Bezzalair's talent for writing is noticeably high quality in her work.

The content isn't exactly what I would call explicit, but there his a good amount of blood and gore.There are action scenes, but rarely do they occur.The comic is more about the visuals and the humor than anything else, so don't expect too much if you're wanting epic battles to the death.

The saddest part about this comic is the sporadic updates and the fact that it seems to be in some state of hiatus for an indeterminate amount of time..As of right now, there are six chapters with the seventh in the works, but the wait for any decent story development is a long one and completely obliterates any feelings of suspense.Still, it's worth it.I recommend reading it to anyone who enjoys good macabre yet funny tales.

You can check out the artist here:

Add the comic here:

"I'm back."

Paco!How you feeling, man?Any better?"

"Yes.I apologize for my harse language.I never should have called you by such an undignified name."

No, no.It's alright.Just good to have you back.

"So now we can do the review together, right?"

Uhactually, I kind of just wrapped the whole thing up.I wasn't sure when you were coming back.

"You went ahead without me?How could you, you cricket butt?I thought we were suppose to be a team."

Cricket Butt?

"First you eat all the chicken, now this?Paco is now upset with you once more.Paco will leave now!"

Dude, you're talking in the third person agai-


You didn't even say it the first ti-


Oh, boy.Here we go again.I think I'll end things here.I'll try to talk some sense into Paco and hopefully everything will be back to normal by next update.Until then, this is Gypsy Blair signing off.Good Night, folks.
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