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What are your thoughts about my march 2012 ban list?

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Mr. Ryan

People say oh they won't touch Tourguide of the Underworld because in the not in the OCG and yet they say they will ban Sangan (which is a lot less potent without Tourguide present), am I missing something?

Basically, what I hope to achieve with this list, is currently lower tier decks given the chance to shine, as since I am not Konami I am not interested in money. I would want people have to come up with new decks and actually have to think when they play rather than "I do this, this and this, and you lose". True there is a lot of diversity in the game already, though I feel that there are a lot of overshadowed and unappreciated archetypes. I want it to be more like "chess" than "rock, paper and scissors".

Changes I would make to the banlist. What do you think?:



Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Foolish Burial

Black Luster Solider, Envoy of the Beginning

Mind Control


Wind-Up Hunter

Inzektor Dragonfly

Royal Oppression

Master Hyperion

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Ultimate Offering (Gadget decks are very powerful at the moment)

Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World

Royal Oppression (not sure about this one, could stay banned)

Rescue Rabbit (I believe it's not in the OCG but I listed it anyway)

Six Samurai United (Six Samurai are still quite powerful in my opinion)

Judgement Dragon (or Semi-Limited)


Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity (Or perhaps have this change places with Wind-Up Hunter on the list?)

Sinister Serpent (not sure about this one but it seems quite slow) I'll include the effect since I doubt many have heard of it because it's so old: During your Standby Phase, if a "Sinister Serpent" exists in your Graveyard, you can return the "Sinister Serpent" to your hand.

Chaos Sorcerer

Treeborn Frog

Agent of Mystery -- Earth

The Gates of Dark World


Destiny Draw

Magical Stone Excavation (requires 2 discard cost and not many people use it, or none that I see)

Primal Seed (too specific)

Being someone who has used a Dark World deck long before (at least a year before) the structure deck was even announced, I have to say they were playable before it. Sure, they weren't a top deck, but because they weren't that good they were often overshadowed and most people didn't focus on their merits, instead seeing just another mediocre archetype with had lots of potential in my eyes. And that they've released the new cards people think they are crap without them. Being someone who has used Dark World for many years I have to disagree.

It's the same for Six Samurai in my opinion, a deck which I have owned for longer than Dark World though no longer use. They were alright until Konami brought out Storm of Ragnarok.

Also, 4 years isn't really that much Yu-Gi-Oh experience as Snychros first came out in 2008, so you wouldn't have had experience of the gmae before Snychros. Aside Dark World however, I have to agree with all your other points, LILY YOU QIN.


There's no point to hitting dark worlds that heavily, seeing as how they aren't doing much damage in either the TCG and OCG, especially not that hard. limiting grapha will take dark worlds out of the Meta, semi-limiting gates will drag(lol) the archetype down to being unplayable.

Hyperion, if hit, will most likely be limited to 1, due to the fact that 3 can get stuck a lot, many people opt to run 2. Likewise with JD, most LS decks are chaos, running 3 JD will clog the hand, plus you have other boss monsters(gorz, DAD, BLS, Chaos sorc). Because TGU doesn't exist in the OCG, sangan and rabbit won't be touched, due to rabbit's dependence on TGU.

They most likely won't hit inzektors and wind-ups too heavily, if at all, due to their novelty. At most they'll probably ban hunter to prevent the loop. Without hunter, there will be no loop, and the deck will still be playable.



Monsters 16

X3 d.d survivor

X3 cyber valley

X3 jurrac guaiba

X2 green gadget

X2 red gadget

X2 yellow gadget

X1 card guard

Spells 8

X3 dimensional fissure

X2 offerings to the doom

X1 dark hole

X2 shrink

Traps: 16

X3 macro cosmos

X3 dimensional prison

X2 torrential tribute

X2solemn warning

X2 bottomless traphole

X1 trap hole for new format (no prio)

X3 dust tornado


Lol, unless your locals is not competitive at all I can't see how this won, I mean Dust Tornao ovver MST makes no sense, Shrink is only at all handy in Glad Beast decks, Card Guard is pointless, as is Trap Hole unless you were expecting Inzektors, and there still is the priority ruling. It didn't go at the same time as it did in the OCG so it seems unlikely they'll change it now 2 years later. Even if it had gone then Bottomless would still be the better choice as it can hit multiple monsters at once. I would say more but, well I'm not going to get best answer seeming as I just told you how terrible the deck is.

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