Thursday, November 14, 2013

What would be the best cards to put in an almost unbeatable deck, while keeping in mind a money limit?

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I have a spirit and a gadget deck but they aren't that good


there really is no best card to have in a deck. It all just depends on the number of cards and how you use it, but there are really good cards to have in a deck like sakuretsu armor, dimensional fissure and return from the different dimension, and raigeki.



I just wanted some insight and some good advice on how to do this. I just started playing last week and still am building up my deck. So far for the Gadget/Machine deck, I only have the structure deck for that. For the Cyber I have a couple of cards here and there highlighted by Cyber End Dragon, Cyber Dragon, Cyber Ourbourus, Cyber Laser Dragon, and a few cards here and there. Please help out this beginner! Email me!


I assume you don't really need a deck list; even if people do gave you a list, it's still up to you to follow them or not, isn't it?

Anyways, I'll give you some of the things you might want to keep in mind when building a machine deck.

- Always include in your deck the legendary staples (MST, Heavy Storm know them), and on a Machine Deck's case, LIMITER REMOVAL

- Try to add an additional drawing power to your deck. Splashing in a couple of Cyber Phoenix's and Dekoichi's will be really helpful. (refer to the respective cards effect for further info)

- For the Gadget Decks, using 2 of each of the three gadget is probably the best ratio. Using 1 of each and the gadget's effect will be totally diminished, use 3 or each and your deck will be "over crowded"

- This might seem obvious but always make sure to have Jinzo on your deck. I really don't have to enumerate the reasons why... :)

- If you're running a Cyber Deck, use Chimeratech Overdragon for the overkill. And while you're at it, add Future Fusion and Overload Fusion.

- Use cards that recycles your monster's effect or has an additional benefit aside from this. Pot of Avarice is a good example; it put backs 5 monster from your grave to your deck and gives you 2 draws. A very good business if you ask me.

- Don't exceed the 40 card minimum. It increases your chance of drawing the most needed cards.

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