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WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 10/28/13: Will HBK Explain His Actions?

One night removed from Hell In A Cell, will Shawn Michaels explain why he delivered Sweet Chin Music to Daniel Bryan? John Cena starts the show as the new World Champ. How long until we get sick of his promo? And how will the WWE find a way to screw up Daniel Bryan's heat tonight? Follow along to find out!


After a recap of last night's events, John Cena came out to start the show. Cena said he was back and asked if everyone missed him. Cena said he has some skeptics that said he may have come back too early. He said he wanted to thank JBL, who said he was making a career mistake coming back too early. Cena did a terrible JBL impression and then said the new World Champ is here. Cena said he is back on RAW and on Smackdown as well. Cena said he's ready to go. He then brought up Randy Orton's celebration. He said a lot of people are going to talk tonight so he was going to stop. Cena told Del Rio if he wants a rematch to come get some.

Damien Sandow came to the ring and said the Uncrowned Champ was here. Sandow said he may be fooling the medical staff, but he isn't fooling him. He said it takes longer for a tricep to heal, and he's more hurt than he's letting on. Sandow said the reason Cena is saying all these things is because Cena is afraid Sandow will cash in on him. Sandow said he could cash in right now, but not tonight. Cena went to stop Sandow but Sandow attacked him. Sandow hit Cena multiple times with the briefcase. They went to the outside and Sandow threw Cena into the barricade then the steps. He then placed Ceba's arm on the steps and slammed a chair into it.


Sandow then took the mic and said he was cashing in tonight. But we get a commercial? WTF???

The match started back from break. Sandow hit a drop armbar then tossed Cena into the post. Sandow continued to get multiple two counts while working over the injured arm. Cena escaped an armbar with a belly-to-belly. But Sandow went back to work on the arm. Cena escaped again with a backdrop and then another stupid commercial.

Back from another break both men exchanged punches before Cena took Sandow out with a clothesline. Cena caught Sandow with a boot then went for the Five Knucke Shuffle but Sandow hit the bad arm then a neckbreaker for two. Cena then came back with a quick AA, but Sandow rolled out of the ring. The doctor asked Cena if he was okay and he said yes. Cena dragged Sandow back in the ring and went for the STF but couldn't apply it. Sandow hit a neckbreaker for two. Cena countered Sandow's finisher with a backdrop for two. Sandow applied a crossface but Cena countered out. Sandow then hit the You're Welcome but Cena kicked out at two. Sandow went for a superplex but Cena knocked him off. Cena went for a flying crossbody but missed. He appeared to hurt his knee. Cena, however, miraculously recovered and hit another AA for the win. What a joke.

The Shield cut a promo talking about righting their mistakes tonight. Ambrose said he was the badest man alive and kind of went off on his own rant as Rollins and Reigns looked on. Ambrose said he was the only one left with a Title and tonight they start to right the wrongs. And the break-up begins.


Big E Langston vs Dean Ambrose. Ambrose clotheslined Big E to start then landed some punches. Ambrose then hit a neckbreaker for two. Big E came back with a clothesline off the ropes then a belly-to-belly. Big E went for a splash but Reigns pulled down the ropes and the ref DQ'd Ambrose. The Shield attacked Big E but The Usos made the save. Brad Maddox made a six man tag.

The match started back from break with The Shield working over Jimmy Uso. Rollins hit a standing dropkick. Ambrose applied a headlock but Jimmy fought out with a jawbreaker then a kick to the head. Reigns came in but Jimmy caught him with a DDT. Jimmy made the tag to Jey, who landed multiple clotheslines on Seth then a spinebuster. Seth went for a superplex off the top, but Jey instead hit a face first suplex off the top. Seth caught Jey with knees to the gut. Reigns and Rollins went for a double suplex but Jimmy caught Jey. They then hit a double kick on Rollins, but Reigns then hit a double spear on the Usos and picked up the win.


Shawn Michaels came out. He said he owed Daniel Bryan an explanation and asked him to come out, which he did. Shawn said he didn't intend for what happened to happen. He said all hell broke loose and he called everything down the middle. Then he saw what Bryan did to HHH, who is his best friend. He said their friendship will always supercede whatever goes on in the business. He said he apologized for what he did and offered his hand. Shawn said he taught Bryan the basics and last night he taught Bryan his final lesson. Shawn said you can't trust anyone. Shawn asked Bryan to show him the respect he earned and to shake his hand.

Shawn then went into HEEL mode and called him a self righteous puke. He said for months people called Bryan a B+ player, and he defended Bryan. But now Shawn isn't sure. Shawn said he's always been an A+ player and that Bryan better shake his hand. Bryan did, but then immediately applied the YES Lock on HBK until he tapped out. Refs came and pulled Bryan off HBK.

Rene Young started to interview Daniel Bryan, but the Wyatts appeared and attacked him. Bray then hit his finisher into a gate, then rammed a rolling cart into him. Bray said the devil made him do it.

Los Matadores defeated 3MB. Heath Slater chased the bull around with a giant net. El Torrito went under the ring then sprayed Slater with a fire extinguisher, and speared him in the butt. The good start to RAW had to end sooner rather than later.

AJ and Tamina beat The Bellas after AJ made Nikki tap.


Miz vs Kane ended quickly after Kane caught Miz jumping off the top rope a minute in and hit a chokeslam for the win. After the match, Kane asked for Stephanie McMahon to come out. She came on the stage. He said she's been on a power trip and has been manipulative and ruined lives. He said but in today's day and age, that's what is best for business. And the monster is hers to unleash. He walked to the ramp then took his mask off, handing it to Stephanie.


CM Punk came out. He said for the first time in 3 months, he slept like a baby last night. He said last night he did what he promised he would do, and that is put Paul Heyman to sleep. And now he is history. He said now he shifts his focus to Ryback, a neanderthal who has zero chance without Paul Heyman.

Back from break, the crowd chose a Street Fight as the stipulation. Punk caught Ryback with a boot to the face then a crossbody. He then clotheslined Ryback to the outside. He went for a dive over the ropes but Ryback caught him and rammed him into the post then the barricade. Ryback grabbed a table and put it in the ring, but Punk grabbed a kendo stick and used it on Ryback. Ryback recovered and took out Punk with a spinebuster. Ryback went for the meat hook clothesline but Punk countered to a swinging neckbreaker for two. Punk went for a kick but Ryback ducked and powerbombed him into the turnbuckle. Ryback wanted to suplex Punk off the top through a table but Punk knocked him off. Ryback ate a kick to the head then fell on the table. Punk hit the Macho Man Elbow through the table then applied the Anaconda Vice. Ryback tapped.

After the match, the Wyatts came out. Punk tried to fend them off with a kendo stick but the numbers game eventually caught up to Punk. Punk caught Bray with a headbutt but Harper came right back with a clothesline. Bray then hit Sister Abigail on Punk and once again, said the devil made him do it.


The Real Americans vs The Rhodes Family. Goldust started with an armdrag takedown of Cesaro. Swagger came in and took down Goldust then backed him into the corner. Cesaro came back in but ate a springboard elbow from Goldust. Cody was tagged in and caught Cesaro with a knee to the face. Cody hit a face first suplex then tagged in Goldust again who hit a running bulldog. Cody came back in and clotheslined Swagger to the outside.

The Real Americans had control back from break. Cesaro hit a gut wrench slam for two. Swagger came in and hit the Swagger Bomb then Cesaro tagged in and hit the leapfrog stomp for two. Cesaro then hit a nice uppercut, but Goldust broke up the pin attempt. Cody shoved Cesaro out of the ring and made the hot tag to Goldust. He hit his uppercut and then some corner punches. Cesaro came back in the ring but Cody knocked him out with the Disaster Kick. Goldust hit a crossbody but Swagger rolled through with a Patriot Lock. Goldust countered and went for a roll up but Cesaro broke ie up. Cody took Cesaro out of the ring again, but Swagger hit a chop block to the ankle. Swagger applied the Patriot Lock again. This time, Goldust tapped.

Alberto del Rio came out. He said Cena stole his Title at Hell In A Cell. He said that he gets a rematch, and he will make Cena pay. He will attack Cena's arm over and over until he breaks it.

Natalya defeated Summer Rae with a Sharpshooter.


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out. All the superstars were on the stage and The Shield were in the ring. He said a decade ago the CEO of the WWE asked him who would be the future of the WWE. Triple H said he hand picked that man and put him in Evolution. He taught him and watched him become a predator and an A+ player. Not some troll sitting in a hospital bed now. The A+ player that became the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Orton came out and he hugged HHH and Steph. Steph said Orton is everyone's Champion. He is what they should aspire to be, and they should show him the respect he deserves. Orton said being the WWE Champion makes him better than us. Orton looked at the roster and said it makes him better than all of them. Orton said no one will take the Title from him and that he was born a success. Orton is better than all of them.

Big Show's music hit. The Shield attacked him but The Rhodes Brothers and The Usos made the save. Big Show scared off HHH and Orton. He said what is the worst that is going to happen, get arrested? He said he has friends that can make him bail. Show said his lawsuit will cost HHH millions. Orton came in the ring and hit Show with the belt. He went to do it again but Show caught Orton with a KO Punch. HHH teased coming into the ring but he didn't. Big Show left up the ramp as the show ended.


SOLID WRESTLING: One thing I have always said about three hour RAWs is that there is so much room for good wrestling on here, yet the WWE doesn't do it. The first hour alone had two very good matches, even if the outcome for one was bad (more on that later). The Real Americans/Rhodes Family match was another solid, short match. The same could be said for Punk/Ryback. The in-ring action wasn't bad tonight at all.

THE WYATT FAMILY: I had been calling for a Wyatt/Punk feud for awhile now on the HTCPulsecast. And it looks like we are finally getting it. And Daniel Bryan may be involved as well. That's weird, especially because Bryan should be the focal point of the WWE right now (again, more on that later). But it is good to see these guys start to have something to do in the WWE. And who is the devil they are doing the work for? Lots of "buzz" around the Wyatts.

BRYAN/HBK EXCHANGE: I don't know what it is leading too. But that was a good exchange between these two. Watching HBK transform into good guy from pissed off heel was fun to watch. I doubt HBK wrestles again, but a man can dream right?


CENA BEATS SANDOW: What is the WWE trying to accomplish here? One armed Cena overcomes the odds again? You can't try in the slightest to get a new star over in Sandow? The MITB briefcase was our hope that Sandow would finally get a main event push. Now? He's probably back to the mid-card for life. It took me 24 hours to regain my pure hatred for Cena and the way he is booked. This did him no favors tonight.

BIG SHOW, THE NEW WWE TITLE CONTENDER: Some of you might know that I'm not the biggest fan of Big Show either. I think he is decent as a heel, but I can't stand him as a face. And as the new contender to the WWE Title? Please. Daniel Bryan's push is pretty much put on the complete backburner. Because we need Big Show to get over again? Give me a break. The WWE is going back to status quo with guys like Big Show, Orton and Cena dominating programming. And I don't know when it will get better.

CORPORATE KANE: That just seemed weird and out of nowhere. And unfortunately, it will probably lead to a Kane/Big Show match. God help us all.

This was a mixed bag of stuff. The wrestling was good, the story telling was bad. I'm willing to give the wrestling the slight benefit of the doubt here. While we may be in line for dark times ahead as far as who is on top in the WWE, I think the better wrestling slightly won out tonight. I'll give the show a 6.

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