Saturday, November 16, 2013

zGames Fright Fight brings the Monster Mash to modern times

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Kickstarter never has a shortage of interesting looking games to cover, and a few days ago we stumbled across a cool one by the name of Fright Fight from . Fright Fight is a cross-platform monster fighting game that's inspired by Super Smash Bros. Intrigued?

The game combines genres featuring characters from different times and realms. This means you can fight Vampires against Werewolves or pit a Reaper against a Yeti. In addition to the monstrous characters, Fright Fight is throwing in some RPG elements for good measure, and you'll get to duke it out across several different settings like the Galactic Graveyard and Monster Mausoleum in true SSB fashion.

The minds behind Fright Fight already have a playable online multiplayer beta build, four characters, skill trees, and one world ready to go, but they still need your help to finish things out. They are asking for $50,000 in their Kickstarter campaign which has raised a total of $2,000 in its first 3 days. The money will go towards building a fast game server, Android support, and Bot AI. The latter is a great thing if you love playing games offline as a lot of mobile titles these days tend to cut your access if you're not hooked into the net. The stretch goals don't have figures attached just yet, but include extra characters, worlds, and modes.

Everyone loves a good monster game and having famous creatures fight one another in a Super Smash Bros. style setting sounds like an absolute blast. If successful, they plan to release the game for free on iOS sometime in March of next year. The Fright Fight Kickstarter campaign runs through December 1st, and you can hit up the link below if you want to show your support for the game.

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