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12/26/13-A Variety of Readings, part 1

With a variety of decks. My new Steampunk Tarot, my still-new Light Visions tarot, my Golden tarot, and my old deck of playing cards. I'm also playing around with spreads, because I've discovered that it's (occasionally) funner to do readings with spreads than to blindly draw cards and interpret them & their meaning & significance. I'm splitting this into two posts, though, so it doesn't get too long.First Reading with the Steampunk Tarot

Tell me a story.

Eight of Leviathans, Comet, Ace of Engines, Ten of Leviathans, Nine of Engines.

We start with the Eight, which shows a person working hard & paying attention to detail before they finish their work. The Comet brings hope with it, and allows time for refreshing one's self. And then in the Ace of Engines, the new project is complete and you are refilled with motivation, ready to go off into the world and do things. The Ten of Leviathans shows us an older crew getting a new ship-the new machine that was being built earlier, I suppose-and then in the Nine of Engines, this crew ventures off to war and the unknown.

I think I'll leave the story there. I could pull more cards to find out more, but these five actually go together very nicely, and they've given me a chance to see how this deck works. I also discovered that each of the gods of the machine have their own spread, so I'll be trying one of those out next.Steampunk Tarot, Comet's Message Spread

Since I pulled the Comet, why not try out its spread?

* Three of Submersibles-to what do I aspire?

* Ace of Submersibles-what keeps the inspiration flowing?

* Messenger of Submersibles-how do I welcome it?

* Two of Submersibles-what is revitalized?

Oh dear. That's interesting. I don't think I've ever had a spread that is literally only one suit. I did a lot of shuffling, and the cards were already shuffled when I opened the box, instead of being in order like they usually are.

The Three is "generosity of spirit," and it has connections to joy, peace, and the abolition of differences. And, actually, that is what I'm aspiring for right now. Because of holidays & various things, I'm not engaging in conflict this week. No arguments, no fights. Just joy, peace, laughter and love. So, this Three of Submersibles is a good representation of what I'm aspiring for.

The Ace keeps my inspiration flowing, and it is a card of new beginnings , expansion, and healing. Also very perfect for this time of year. It's the end of the year and I'm thinking about what I can change for 2014, what I want to bring into my life, and what I want to keep the same. I'm focusing on loving myself and creating love in the world, and that is what inspires me to aspire for peace & joy.

The Messenger is how I welcome those inspirations, and that is by spreading it around. Mediation, forgiveness, and reflection are key to this card, and a connection to dreams & hearts & the soul. Being open to other people and having empathy is how I can bring these things in to my life.

And lastly, the Two of Submersibles: what is revitalized? Apparently, my ability to communicate & to connect to other people. That makes sense. I'm focusing on peace & love, on getting along with others, so that will surely aid my communication skills and help me reconnect to people.

What a good reading! Very accurate & very deep for a brand new deck, and only my second reading with it. The spreads in this book are really good, and I'm definitely going to try more of them this week.

(Funny, I've just realized that the Messenger of Submersibles is this deck's equivalent to the Page of Cups, which is the card that I chose to be my significator when I got my first tarot deck three years ago. My beloved Golden Tarot~ I'll do a reading with her today, too)Light Visions tarot + my Christmas candy

Four Card Spread: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

This spread is one that I think I got off of the internet, but I can't recall precisely where I found it. Body/mind/emotion/spirit seems to be a fairly common theme for readings, though, because I've got about five different variations on it.

* The Empress-body

* Ace of Swords-mind

* Nine of Swords-emotion

* Wheel of Fortune-spirit

I take the Empress to be a sign of good physical health, and to represent being happy with one's body/physique. I'm at a point in my life where I'm coming to terms with my appearance, my health, and my body, and the Empress captures that. I'm letting go of societal expectations and focusing on me. Maybe this card even encourages me to do more for myself, to take extra pride in my appearance and physical health. I certainly get enough exercise at my job. Since I'm an assistant at my dance studio, I dance almost every day for at least an hour, usually more than that. Depends on the day.

So for mental health, I've got the Ace of Swords. So I'm not mentally unhealthy. I think I'm usually in a good place, mentally, but I'm not some pinnacle of mental health. The Ace of Swords in this position is a little bit vague. Swords are related to physical things, to strength, so maybe it's telling me that I've got the mental fortitude to push through challenges? That my mind is strong, even though I've got some troubles? Perhaps. I'll investigate this matter later, with a more specific spread.

And emotionally, I'm the Nine of Swords. HA. YES. YOU ARE CORRECT. I'm laughing a little bit, because the card has a giant, terrifying bird about to eat a little boy in a mask. That's usually how I feel when it comes to my emotions. Lots of trouble in this card. Lack of ability to deal with emotional problems. Not just ignoring the problems, but actually being unable to do anything about them. If I can't change something, maybe I shouldn't worry about it. Unless the thing I can't change is a monster bird coming to eat my head. I would worry about that.

And lastly, the Wheel of Fortune for where I'm at spiritually. Hmm. I would say that's accurate, and it gives me interesting things to ponder. Does it mean I'm still unsure, and I'm waiting for the right time? Does it mean I should make a big change, take a chance and see what happens? There are a variety of factors at play and I need to analyze them. Maybe it's like the Nine of Swords-there are things I can't change, so I should focus on what I can change.

I like this spread. I've done it a few times, and I've done other similar ones. I think I need to do it more often, because it's a good way of checking in on myself & attuning myself with a deck. This particular reading gave me a lot of things to think about.That's the end of my first chunk of readings. I've got two or three more to do, but I'll put them in a separate post. This one is already lengthy.

But first, a shower, a snack, and some more candy.
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