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Did not come naturally Xena, but come to find, Li Fei sigh of relief. Big monks beat drums to read for a moment, stand up while getting his knock while walking, silhouette interludes, became a Buddha formation pattern is radial round shape ; then read for a while, he is a lotus blossom shape. Diagrams change from time to time, come in many shapes Fei already tell a monster or a Buddhist symbol, unique fixed only Huiming, lineup changes have been based on coach outlet monks of the center.

The more unspeakable breath getting rich,, tangible qualitative energy shake like that countless candlelight, as are as the rippling waves. Sometimes the sound of chanting fast and passionate, sometimes as low muttered slowly, sometimes dragging Kang long tail. With the change Diagrams and sung by changes in the large hall of the kind of energy fluctuations feeling more obvious, such as fusion before the storm clouds of the sky, full of mysterious energy unspeakable. Li Fei Although not seen many monks, priests who practice it, but also see that this is not a general repentance, ritual temple, but a large shape spell matrix method has similar effects.

Music and chanting After several ups and downs,, three bells rang, the monks are not moving eyes, softly remembered some. Li Fei sensed Huiming 's forehead has intense energy fluctuations, as there is an invisible light in rapid flashing, but the naked eye can not see anything - Huiming Wisdom Hogan has started scanning thousands of miles away in outer teach on the hill too. Buddhism into the naked eye, eye in the sky, eye, discernment, Foyan six kinds. Everyone has the naked eye, I got the ultimate place you can perspicacious, big and small demonstrated ; eye in the sky can be seen between the world of demons and ghosts all kinds of flavor ; human eye can check hole, the future gas transportation ; while Hogan worse, can even look through some auxiliary Past years to life and the afterlife ; Foyan As small as bacteria, atoms and molecules, large outer space, galaxies, even higher levels can be seen throughout the universe, omnipotent see !:
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