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2013 Movie List 90-81

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This is Day 2 of the 2013 Top 100 List, Movies 90-81. these are still movies that I didnt generally like, but it's also some I enjoyed but didn't think were good movies.

If you missed Day 1 Check it out first

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2013 MOVIE LIST90-81

90. R.I.P.D.This shouldn't surprise anyone. It's basically a Men in Black clone, but with monsters instead of aliens. I enjoyed some of it, but overall it's not much of a movie. Too much CGI, Too little plot. The CGI looked dated and unbelievably lame for a 2013 big budget flick. But that being said I enjoyed Jeff Bridges, even if he's just one liners and a gruff voice.

89. SnitchThis one is this far down simply because I barely remember it. It was so forgettable that I can't remember anything in it. Except that there were a few kids who came in late in the movie, pulled out a phone, talked on it, and then started recording the screen. It says a lot that I remember the annoying audience members instead of the movie. Anyway, it wasn't horrible, it just wasn't good.

88. Pain and GainAnother Rock movie so far down on the list? Yep, There it is. Pain and Gain had some fun moments, like the Rock randomly cooking a pair of hands to get fingerprints off....but the rest of the movie was a big dumb ride. Honestly what else do you expect out of a Michael bay film? Overall the movie looked good and had some fun moments but it just wasn't a very good movie. It felt like almost like a pit stop for all the actors between bigger gigs.

87. Gi Joe: RetaliationSo, The Rock, again. What the hell? I thought I liked the Rock, sorry, Dwayne Johnson. yet he made three very shrugworthy movies this year. and the loudest of them all was GI Joe 2. It was a big step forward from the first but it was still dull, dumb and bland. The decision to delay it for almost a year, just to add 3D shots, and more Channing Tatum was stupid. Hell, Tatum dies 10 minutes in, And if you've read this blog before you'll know I think 3D is a huge Gimmick, especially post converted ones. This movie was as gimmicky as they come.

86. The Incredible Burt WonderstoneI like Steve Carrel in certain things. I like Steve Buscemi. I like Jim Carrey. and I like Olivia Wilde. But the Incredible Burt Wonderstone was poor. I think I laughed maybe once or twice, and ultimately it was a struggle for me to get through to the end. This is one of the few I avoided at the theaters and bought the DVD, I won't be watching it again. The whole movie just felt thrown together. the tricks were subpar, the characters were annoying and there just wasn't anything interesting throughout the whole movie to make me want to continue watching it. But I struggled through, somehow.

85. Percy Jackson: The Sea of MonstersThere's a rash of Young Adult book series out there, all competing for the Harry Potter/Twilight crowd. unfortunately every single one of them are poorly constructed and rushed into production. That's never more obvious than Percy Jackson 2. It felt like a huge rush job. I liked the first, it wasn't great but it was fine. The sequel was riddled with so many poor writing choices and dumb character moments that it drew me right out of it. it takes a lot for me to be drawn out of a movie. Having a cyclops wearing ray bans to help cut down the CGI budget is just sad. I have a very in depth review of all of the dumb little mistakes. Check it out.

84. This is the EndUh oh. I've heard this movie is many people's favorite of the year. Well not mine. I went into it not looking forward to it and walked out of it annoyed, bored, and feeling like I wasted my money. The whole movie is nothing but Dick, Shit, Cum, Pot, Drugs, Beer, Swearing, Yelling and overall lame gags. It even felt the need to bring back Backstreet boys for some unknown reason. It just felt like Seth Rogen and his friends had a story idea and were just too lazy to make it an actual movie. I mean, why in the hell does the blue Jesus light have to cut off the giant demon's Dick? what the hell? and the fact that this is compared to World's End because it was originally called the End of the World instead of This Is The End is insane. World's End is one of my favorite movies of the year and this is boys behaving badly. Oh, And I absolutely Hate Danny Mcbride.

83. Zero Dark ThirtyFirst off: I saw this in 2013, it Technically came out in 2012. Yet it's release date is in the first week of 2013. So I'm counting it.

Good now that that's out of the way, I didn't like it. It was a well made movie, sure, but I just found myself not caring about anyone in it, and besides a damn good acting job by Jessica Chastain it just didn't peak my interest. It had it's moments, but let's face it, we all knew how it ended. Just like Hurt Locker I found myself not really caring about anybody in it. (I still think Hurt Locker is one of the most overrated Oscar winners ever). Zero Dark thirty just wasn't good, to me.

82. Gangster SquadI went into this with Mixed hopes. It's the same director as Zombieland (one of my favorite Zombie films). but it's also the director of 30 minutes of Less (huge disappointment). I liked the trailer, and was looking forward to it. Then the Aurora shooting hit, and it got delayed. OK, fine, I guess it's the right thing to do, I guess. then they cut out a rather pivotal scene because of it. OK, sure, I'll buy that. Then they went into reshoots to fill the gaps. We end up with a muddled film that sounded cool to start but ultimately ended up as a huge disappointment. Maybe a Zombieland 2 would help get my faith in the director...or a Zombieland TV show with a brand new cast...oh, right

81. Broken CityAnyone actually remember this movie? It came and went in a few weeks, and I don't blame no-one for going to see it, it was bland and run of the mill, nothing spectacular and nothing remotely interesting, it was just a thoroughly mediocre movie all around

So, that's Day 2!

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And as always if you don't agree with my list, let me know, I know this list has a couple of fan favorites on it, but I'm don't really care, these are my opinions, and I'd like to hear yours! share, and comment below! and Follow me!
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