Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December Favorites: TV Shows/ Movies/ Songs


American Horror Story:

I'm utterly obsessed with this TV show, it's so addicting and freaky- amazing combination, even if there are some scenes that are really disgusting :-D. I wouldn't recommend this TV show to younger people or if you don't like horror movies and such but to everyone who loves creepy/ scary movies, this is the TV show to watch!

The Carrie Diaries:Great TV show for all the girly girls and people who like Sex and the City, since this is the prequel for the series Sex and the City. It's an american teen drama television series about Carrie Bradshaw during her junior year of high school and she explores life in New York City while interning at a law office.


Psycho:A few days a go I watched the movie Psycho (1960) by Alfred Hitchcock with my family. And I'm really impressed with the movie because I wouldn't have thought that such an old movie could be so good! I really love the whole plot twist and the black and white movie.


No Angels - Bastille ft. Ella

Another Love - Tom Odell

Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood

Say My Name/ Cry Me A River- The Neighbourhood

Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Rey

Dirty Paws - Of Monsters And Men

Warm Water - Banks

Baby It's Cold Outside - Colbie Caillat

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