Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dating Diaries of Ashley: The Not-So-Gentleman

One of my friends thought she'd play matchmaker again & that is where this next guy came from. We became Facebook friends, but we never talked. He would 'like' everything I posted & I would 'like' everything he posted. Hahaha

I will call the guy "The Not-So-Gentleman"Our first meeting was at Chipotle (I picked ..) We ate, the conversation was good, we left. We didn't hang out again until 4 weeks later. I don't even think we really talked in text much, either. I actually asked him on the next date (hangout). I really wanted to go to a haunted house, so I invited him to Talladega Frights. I actually went to pick him up.

We waited in line to get tickets & since I asked him, was I supposed to pay for both of us? I paid for mine, he paid for his. We go in the haunted house & I tell him, "I'm really scared, do not let go of my arm no matter what!" Okay, so, we walk through this house & the whole time, he is leading the way as I am leaving finger dents & hand prints in his arm (I WAS SO SCARED!!!) At the very end, a monster with a chainsaw comes out & runs after us. HE LETS GO OF ME & STRAIGHT JETS OUT OF THAT HOUSE LIKE A ROCKET IN THE SKY! Seriously?! Hahahahah. The monster wasn't even THAT scary. Honestly, it was a waste of $30.

After, we still want to keep hanging out, so we go downtown to a bar. He gets a beer, I get a beer. We sit at a table & we talk. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about him just yet. I'm leaning toward friend zone for sure. He gets up to get another drink & asks if I want anything, I say, "Yes, get me something fruity." I pull out a $20 & I hand it to him (Not thinking he's actually going to take it..he takes it) & what really made me mad was his comment after taking it, "Oh, so you're a suga momma"..I'M SORRY, WHAT?!I'm annoyed. I walk up to the bar & tell him I changed my mind, I don't want a drink after all. He still used my $20 to get himself a beer though. Ok.............................................

There were two dudes sitting next to us & they end up buying us a shot. Sweet. Then they made The Not-So-Gentleman buy them a shot. (Haha, suckaaaaaaaaa). Next thing I know, there's a girl to his left that he ends up having a full on conversation with. Buys her a drink, they're laughing, talking, blah blah blah. As I'm just chillin' there like, "WHATTUP, REMEMBER ME?" I felt very uncomfortable. I asked him if we can move to a different area of the bar & yeah, we moved..but his new (girl)friend followed. Awesome. I'm there making friends with a little drunk gal at a table as he is still talking with this girl. I'm ready to leave & I tell him, "I'm going to the bathroom, so when I get back, let's leave." I come back & he has the nerve to say, "Would you mind if I got one more?" UHHHHHHHHH, KKKKKKKKKKK. (I was ready to leave him there & take myself home alone!) But the good in me says, "No, that's mean, Ashley, you wouldn't like it if your ride left you." So I sucked it up & stayed. Ugh.

Eventually, we left. (at closing) I take him home. Annoyed. He gives me a car hug. I'm still annoyed. He gets out. Thanks me for driving. I leave. The end.

What a gentleman, right? Ugh.

xxo,Miss Ashley
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