Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wake up Arnie! Tizen Apps


We have seen a lot of TIZEN APPS lately, seems like there is no shortage of great apps available for Tizen, and here comes again another one, a great app, a different concept not your typical game puzzle.

WAKE UP ARNIE - a 2D game with a twist of nightmares and horror dreams, help Arnie survived in his twisted dreams, the game was developed by a company founded in 2013 by programmer Tiago Pereira and designer David Reisinho. The game is already available in iOS, Android and Windows platform and now it is available for TIZEN. Download the game when the TIZEN STORE opens, play WAKE UP ARNIE!

I tested the game in Android platform the free version. There are three options the DARK FOREST, available in free version, the LOST CASTLE and the GIANT WORLD can be played only if you purchase the full version of the game, I think the game has a lot of potential; the game is easy to learn as you need only to collect the bulb, sometimes the keys. Avoid the monster and the dark cloud you have to look for the hidden path that is very challenging, love the dark underworld theme, the mysterious place and the mono chromatic theme of the game, the old film effect of the game suits the theme. It's cool it's fun. Another one that I like about the WAKE UP ARNIE is the sound effects, eerie and odd that makes you hook into the game somewhat a different feel at first about the way you control the character Arnie but it is also the one that makes it interesting. The game won the random prize winner for the Tizen Game Drive Challenge and it also received positive reviews from the players.

Learn more about the game by visiting the Wake Up Arnie official page at


Wake Up, Arnie! is a 2D side-scroller, featuring unique hand-drawn artwork and an immersive atmosphere inspired by a fascination with B-movies, nightmares and dreams.

The player controls the main character, Arnie, in a series of platform and timing based puzzles. The objective is to find the portal within each level that allows Arnie to move on to the next challenge, while at the same time avoiding all enemies - the Darkness and its minions - and collecting all the lightbulbs he comes across. By collecting all the lightbulbs the player gets the chance to play two hidden levels, with a different gameplay, that will allow them to build a special ship to combat the Darkness in an exciting boss fight.

The pacing of the levels is purposely slow and dreamy, to emphasize the gravityless and ephemeral nature of Arnie's nightmares, while the creeping darkness and enemies give the game it's sense of urgency.


* 40 regular levels

* 8 hidden ones spread over three unique-looking dream worlds.

* 24 additional levels are in development right now for a future, free update.

* Offers free version (around 10 levels)
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