Friday, December 20, 2013

What I knew then

Scarred by the battle not won

Yet fought everyday by everyone

Lifted down to my own endeavors

Falling into hell forever

Gaining grip is harder than ever before

Taking a bird that can no longer soar

Falling down into the depth of despair

Lived once but couldn't care

Didn't care for a second chance

Waiting for my devil to dance

Eating my soul day by day

Every cloud becoming more and more grey

Oh how I wish I could stay

Lifted upon the heart of mine

Ripping it apart like interior design

Gained the structure of who I am

Bursting the walls of my dam

Welcome to the after party

Am I in heaven or hell

But I can't really tell

With the glimpse of both

I feel my soul decay instead of growth

Wear and tear from another day

Leaving my happiness at bay

What could I say?

To see another day?

Feel my heart turn into fray!

Molded and sculpted into clay

Head first diving into hell

Ignore the warning, ignoring the bell

Muscled by the pain

Knowing the blood I can't regain

Oh how I know I won't be the same.

Let me play my game

And you can play yours

Feel my story like a world tour

Every dent in me becoming sore.

Feel it can you. Feel it will you?

As I become a monster splitting in two.

Oh how it feels

Against my skin

A glimpse of my reflection of where I've been

Here I enter heaven. Living with the biggest sin.

Waiting for my death sentence to begin.

Welcome to the lions den.

Because this is my life of what I knew then.
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