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I can't say i enjoyed anime this week, really more disappointments than anything. Good thing there was manga to pick up the slack.

---BLOOD LAD- Blood lad follows the story of staz, a young vampire in the demon world, boss of his own territory and mauling in his obsession over all things humanand Japanese, specifically anime and manga. When a young human girl wanders into the demon world and his life, he sees this as his opportunity to inject himself into the world of humanity, forcing him down a path of adventure and Mayhem.

Blood lad is undeniably entertaining, not really mind blowing, yet it managed to keep me glued to my computer through nine episodes. As action packed as it might be, the series is more humorous than anything but that is no detriment, instead creating a comfortable fusion of shonen comedy and action.

RATING: 6/10, so far an okay series, hoping to see it evolve into something more.

---KAMISAMA NO INAI NICHIYOUBI- I will not mince words, this series is mostly crap, which is weird because i was hooked after the first three episodes. There was a message that the anime seemed intent on getting across in the beginning, with its relatively small cast of two or three characters that, rather than develop, grew to bore the hell out of me; a world that i thought i would enjoy exploring only to find the series restricted to one or two very dissatisfying settings, a story with so much promise but failed to deliver anything close to a satisfying finale.

This was a crappy anime, and you would be best served by watching the first four or so episodes and then promptly moving on because, as far as i am concerned, after the business with Humpnie humbert, this series ended for me.

RATING: 4/10, i cannot believe how utterly sleep inducing these characters got. I give this 4 star rating to Humpnie Humbert, everyone else, including the story, get a 1

---RED DATA GIRL- Another utterly irritating anime. Again i had high hopes, especially after the first two episode. But four episodes in the anime felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be, running a number of utterly pointless and boring story lines, with characters that did nothing but whine episode in and episode out; as far as finales go this one did nothing whatsoever, making no attempts to satisfactorily close a story that had stopped developing several episodes ago, with some of the most underdeveloped characters i have ever seen.

And it grew confusing and nonsensical after sometime.

RATING: 1/10

---MEDAKA BOX- I finally finished this series, specifically season 2. I will be blunt, this series isdumb. And chances are that was the point, which means i was notthe sort of audience the series wasprimarily aimed at. Every episode i watched came off as completely nonsensical and unnecessarily silly and not even the action ( which was pointlessly excessive) could sway me into liking it.

RATING: 4/10, yes it was better than RDG and Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi as far as entertainment is concerned, yet it was simply too dumb. I will not be watching season 1 or really following Medaka box in any way.


Blood lad, wolf's battle against Franken's monster.


---NOBLESE- it is seriously disturbing how awesome this manga is. Having began reading it two or three days ago i can honestly say that it falls in my top ten list ofmost awesome manga, at least as far as shonen goes. There is something ridiculously entertaining about Noblese, and the scenes that end each chapter are hilarious.

If you haven't read it, Noblese follows the story of an ancient vampire who, having been in slumber for centuries, awakens from his coffin rather randomly in an empty apartment. Venturing out into the new world, he finds his servant, Frankenstein, now principle of a school and togetherthey try to piece together the mystery of his awakening.

Along the way they tangle with a mysterious organization manufacturing mutations, the creatures that most people believe to be vampires. Little is known of their end goal, except that their activities always bring them to the door step of a small group of high school friends, whose tumultuous adventures consume a considerable portion of Frankenstein and his master's lives.

For a silent character i am surprised at how much i love Rai, not only in his highly comedic element but when he switches to badass Noblese vampire mode. And the way his character counters with Frankenstein and his adoration for his master. These two along with the failed experiment M-21 make his series for me. I just hope Shinwoo and the other kids get to have a deeper role to play in the series beyond the continuous damsel in distress parts they keep falling into. They have so much potential.

RATING: 10/10, this series is a must read, i went through 136 chapters in just three days (mostly nights) that is how addictive this series is, the art superb, the colors vibrant and the action is simply amazing. And of course it is funny. Rai reminds of Luffy from one piece (but much cooler) the way he keeps picking up strays. This is the best series i have read this week

---A FAIRY TAIL OF THE DEMON LORD- I am shocked at how much enjoyment i could squeeze out of this series, because before this week i was all but ready to delete its existence. Yet after the half way mark something kept me reading. I will not lie and say i was hooked, because i wasn't, or maybe hooked simply isn't the right word to describe it.

This story is ridiculously confusing, yet it is also amazing, especially when you get to the last hen chapters and certain elements you came across at the start suddenly begin to click into place. I wouldn't even call this a fairy tale series because it incorporates elements of Greek mythology and the Norse gods, but the way it handles the fairy tale portion of its story will surprise you. Like i said, it is the end that did it for me. It wasn't mind blowing, merely poignant, leaving you with quite a lot to ponder about what you had just read, specifically who was the true demon lord, the knight in shining armor, and most importantly who was the real damsel in distress in the group.

RATING: 6/10, you would expect a higher rating for a series second on my list, but the series had problems and it is only because the end tied into earlier plots and stories so well and so unpredictably that i rank it so highly. I am not really sure if it is over though.

---FAIRY TAIL- This week's fairy tail chapter was awesome, mostly because of how much excitement it generated in me for things to come. It has been a while since a chapter was this good. If you didn't read it basically Atlas flame unfroze the village of the giants, told the fairy tail team about a magic called E.N.D, Zeref's strongest magic that Igneel tried to defeat a long time ago, also introducing a Tartarus mage called Silver, a devil slayer responsible for freezing the village in an attempt to destroy Atlas whom he mistook for a demon.

Basically a lot of teasing but setting up for some interesting events in the future. I just hope Hiro knows what the hell he is doing

RATING: 8/10

---MAGI: THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC- Pretty tame chapter this week, which makes sense because we have had more than ten chapters of ABSOLUTE MADNESS. Gokuen mentioned that the dead magi had a number of cloned bodies around and even dead, Solomon (thought he was long dead) could revive her. However within the palace, when Ugo (or at least his head) gave her the chance to return to earth in one of her bodies, she declined, sending Titus instead.

So we saw the birth of a new Magi in this chapter, and the fall of another. Okay Judal was already fallen, but seeing him absorb all of the Medium's dark rukh in this chapter forebode a greater fall, and this time it seems he is taking Hakuryuu with him ( a shame, i like Hakuryuu, but it seems his desperation to kill his mother is going to lead him into depravity).

Kouen is finally going to learn from Aladdin the truth about the old world, it is going to be interesting to see what he will do with that knowledge. All in all it wasn't as dull a chapter as i initially assumed.

RATING: 8/10, great chapter, it seems Magi can do not wrong.

----BEELZEBUB- This week's chapter took a break from its recent action packed route, focusing mainly on the more comedic elements of the Beelzebub world, trying to locate all the Furuichi's, the trio's war against each other, and a few hints about Fuji and Akaboshi's reasons for aiding Oga. Strange that baby Beel barely appeared in this chapter.

RATING: 7/10

---DIVINE BELLS- Can't say i was that impressed by Divine bells this time around, and i am still not sure if it is weekly or monthly, just happened to stumble upon this chapter by accident. It was all just explanations. Hung Ryong solved the misunderstanding between his master and divine bell, but it was too late. Gang Hui had used his powers against the mysterious man, alerting the two agents sent by Dae Hui to find Ga-Bi.

The only interesting bits were seeing Dae Hui's divine bell (can't remember his name, which is why i sometimes detest manhwa, the names are way too complicated) squirm, having sensed Gang Hui's magic but unsure as to what to do about it. Because hiding it would mean endangering the life of his partner, who the emperor conveniently held back from the mission.

RATING: 5/10, not boring but more funny than exciting.

----BLEACH- An okay chapter, nothing too exciting. Soi Feng continued her battle with the her enemy and it doesn't look like shehas any chance of winning, especially since, even with her strongest move, she couldn't even scratch her foe. And of course she has no bankai, which makes thing worse for her.

Seems like Toushiro is dead, which would be an interesting development.

I enjoyed watching Kiritsuchi ( don't think i spelt that right) and his interaction with his enemy. Over all, i wasn't particularly excited; considering how epic the first invasion was, i do not see how Kubo can make this interesting; and we all know Toushiro isn't dead.

RATING: 6/10


Rai's battle against Krantz in Noblese; its been a while since i felt the sort of excitement from a manga that i experienced from Noblese this week, when Rai said 'Kneel'. Seeing this sort ofelegant power executed the first time was awesome, seeing it the second time, specifically when used against the mighty Kranz and the rest of his crew, all at the same time was .well you just have to read it for yourself.

Overall anime bored the hell out of me this week. The manga on the hand, especially Noblese, made my week. Fairy tail was decent enough, but Bleach was more 'meh' than anything. I will just have to wait until next week and see what happens with Toushiro.

Anyway that was me this week in manga and anime, what was your week like?
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