Monday, September 30, 2013

Cool Products Monday, September 30, 2013

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. You can view all new J-List products by clicking .

TODAY'S NEWGate here's a Petanko figure of smart and tsundere Kurisu Makise, plus a great Kobato figure.

If you're a fan of I Have Few Friends, we've gotten the new oppai mouse pads in stock now. Very high quality.

Have fun piecing together this 3D puzzle featuring the adorable green robot named Haro from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

If you want to keep others from hearing your tinkle, like Japanese women, enjoy this handy device that helps you go.

Our Solid Snake and Yotsubato parody T-shirt is a hit, and we think it looks great. Did you order yours yet?

A great accessory for cosplayers who are looking to pull off the Mari look at this year's anime conventions. Grab a pair before they sell out.

In this awesome game for OreImo fans, your job is to turn your favorite OreImo girl into a first-class idol!

The epic Legend of Heroes Kiseki series continues with Sen no Kiseki. This is the First Limited Edition, which comes with cool additional stuff.

The PS Vita is shaping up as the best anime gaming platform ever, and we restocked several games for you today incl. Dream Club Zero.

Also, we made a huge restocking of our Nyanpire vampire cat character products, including Nyanpire Plush, Nyanpire coffee cup and more!

Fool your friends and joke your co-workers with these fun authentic Japanese DIY food sample making kits + other fun items.

See lots of Japanese stationery items restocked incl. fun notebooks for writing or learning hiragana, plus awesome Japanese pens + more!

We've got a huge update of fun Japanese stationery, including the StitchLock staple-less stapler that "knits" paper together + sushi pens!

Get these towels a little wet and see them change design right before your eyes, wow! We also have good luck charms, Lucky Cat and more.

Enjoy the wonderful flavors of Kit Kat, as only Japan can bring us. Strawberry, Pumpkin and Green Tea!

Pocky is back in stock, and we've got a huge update of bold new flavors, from Green Tea Midi to Coconut to Rare Cheesecake.

Enjoy one of Japan's classic snacks, Pocky, now in a special light saber inspired shape. Extremely limited stock.

Lots of cool DIY snacks from Kracie posted, plus more popular chocolate products, back in stock and ready for you.

Enjoy a nice update bento boxes, with everything from kawaii Nyanpire bento to Marvel Comics to serious traditional bento.

We have popular kitchen items for you, including the Kawaii Panda Seaweed Cutter, the Nyanko Tongs for grabbing things + more.

Not only is this penguin super cute, he's also a functional gummy candy making friend! Words cannot describe this cuteness.

In Japan the most famous of all cats is the "Maneki Neko" (Lucky Cat), which calls luck to your home. And now he's a ceramic cup!

Add a touch of Japan to your room with this authentic Japanese fabric wall scroll, with a beautiful print of one of Kyoto's magnificent castles.

Another nice update of traditional products for your home or office, incl. Lucky Cat and Lucky Frog, samurai sword phone strap + more.

Take a look at our new Vividred Operation figures for preorder featuring Akane Isshiki and Himawari Shinomiya in their classic outfits.

Fans of super ecchi anime Senran Kagura, will be happy to hear this new Asuka figure w/ breasts that can hold stuff like coins or pens. Amazing!

Type-Moon fans, rejoice! The lovely but deadly heroine of the Kara no Kyoukai series, Shiki Ryougi, gets a new figure.

From the epic anime Attack on Titan comes a fantastic figure of super soldier Levi! Complete with Survey Corps uniform and 3D maneuver gear.

From Sega's hit RPG Shining Hearts comes an exquisite figure of moe witch Melty in a kawaii bikini. So cute and sensual.

Don't miss this ultra-kawaii figure collection box set of your favorite heroines from the hit Oreimo series. Preorder now!

When not playing basketball, Tomoka enjoys swimming at the pool. See Tomoka in her sexy white school swimsuit in this lovely new figure.

The cute main heroine of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet is here in Nendoroid form! Lots of fun extra parts including her glider!


With oversized pages and many beautiful girls, Bejean continues to be one of the best magazines among customers at J-List.

One of the best AV idols, Saki Hatsumi, releases her much awaited photobook featuring Sakippo in various hot clothing.

Yoshiaki Katsurai presents this amazing romantic ero manga focusing on dudes getting it on with their step sisters. Great content!

We carry awesome English ero manga, like Swing Out Sisters or Aqua Bless or Honeybee Whispers. Click to view.

A nice update of ero manga including Welcome to the Apartment of Everlasting Spring, plus Pandra, Make Up! and more.

We have a nice update of 2D artbooks, if you love "moe" girls, click the link and check the new items.

From the classic ero anime Bible Black comes this erotic figure of busty super seductress Reika Kitami with cast-offable panty! We like.

JAV superstar Tsubomi collaborates with KMP for the release of this official Tsubomi Onahole, that replicates perfectly Tsubomi's love hole.

Celebrate the end of Attack on Titan with your own "Tiro Finale," with our restocked parody onahole toys. Other toys restocked, too.

We've got fun toys for relieving your stress, like the "onashee" (ona-sheet) monster toys and other relaxation products.

Japan is great at applying technology to private time, and we've restocked the A10 Cyclone, R-1 Starter Set and other toys by Rends.

The star of Anime Weekend Atlanta was definitely Yumina, and we sold a ton of copies of this great eroge with strong RPG gameplay elements.

Kana Yume fans, definitely pick up this new Full HD Blu-Ray release from Maxing in which Kana-chan shows her true M-side.

Another amazing situation play production featuring the hotness of Shelby Wakatsuki, this time starring as a naughty airline cabin attendant.

Fans of Hitomi Kitagawa, one of the hottest AV girl of this generation, treat yourself with this amazing best-of from Crystal Eizou. 16 hours!

A super nice new lesbian release from SOD, that will please all JK lovers, since it features 6 hot young girls dressed in School Uniform.


Finally, see a huge restocking of ero titles, including the always fun Pretty Shimapan Girls Best 4 Hours, Premium Flat Tits Idols Best 16 Hours and TMA Cosplay Complete Box (15 DVDs!), Deep Lesbian 8 Hours, awesome Sailor Moon parody works, Max-A Female Teacher Special, My Private Teacher is 18 Years Old, New Face Debut by Chika Kitano and Yuna Inoue, plus the awesomeness of Shiori Kamisaki. Enjoy!
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