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PODCAST ROUNDUP, SEP 27, 2013 -- FILM, Part 1 of 3

And we're baaaaack! The roundup returns, starting with some of my favourite film-related podcasts. Since I've been retooling the site, I've missed the roundups for the past few weeks, so I'm playing catch-up here; as a result, some shows have listings with two or three back-episodes! But, hey, that just means there's more podcast gold for you to dig into

Today's roundup includes a triple-shot of Phantom Erik at 100 Years of Horror, as he takes you back to the swinging sixties for some great macabre movie fare; a double-shot of Cinema Beef Podcast, including an extended show where Gary Hill and Jamie Jenkins scope out the entire Exorcist franchise (Jamie also interviews the actress who played the demon Pazuzu in the 1973 film); a great episode of Cadaver Lab Indies where Mike Cadaver and Johnny Krueg invite you to a Murder Party; an awesome Corpse Cast episode where Mike C. and Shane Diablo take you on a ride to hell with Nicolas Cage; a review show where Creep Creepersin expresses deep sadness over Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem, and a whole lot m- oh, wait. No, that's it.

Don't worry, though; this is only Part One. Of Three.100 YEARS OF HORROR

Episode 54 -- Picture Mommy Dead

This week, co-hosts Phantom Erik and Lester Reaper offer a show that's appropriate for the whole family -- the Manson Family, that is! In 1966, Director Bert I. Gordon, who was better known for his monster films of the '50s, decided to weave a cinematic tale about a girl (Susan) who is released from a mental hospital, where she has spent the past few years recovering from the trauma of watching her mother die in a house fire. Unfortunately, daddy's remarried, and Susan's new stepmother has plans of her own for the two-million-dollar trust fund that Susan's mother has left behind! Will she succeed? You'll have to watch the movie to find out!*

* Like all '100 Years' film discussions, this one is spoiler-free so that you can enjoy the movie afterwards!

After discussing Gordon's other work, Erik looks at how this particular movie was part of an emerging pattern, where an increasing number of Hollywood movies began to depict dysfunctional families that challenged the dominant happy-nuclear-family paradigm of the fifties and early sixties!

Download episode 54 !

[Running time: 45 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]

Episode 53 -- Color Me Blood Red (1965)

Movie audiences of the sixties probably looked more seasick-green than red after watching this shocking 'art film.' Created by schlock director Herschell Gordon Lewis, it's a 'macarb' (sic) story about an artist who realizes that suffering for your art is overrated, and so decides to let others do the suffering for him (with predictably devastating results). William Jacob Amadeus joins Phantom Erik and Lester Reaper for a humorous and engaging discussion of this appalling flick, as well as some of the other exploitation films that Lewis directed.This also marks the third and final installment in 100 Years' own 'Blood Trilogy,' which included reviews of Lewis' Blood Feast (Ep. 51) and Bava's Blood and Black Lace (Ep. 52).

Download episode 53 !

[Running time:1 hour, 13 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]

Episode 52 -- Blood And Black Lace (1964)

Aw, yeah -- time for some Bava, baby! This episode, Phantom Erik and Lester Reaper focus on some of Mario Bava's most popular films, many of which influenced up-and-coming directors such as Ridley Scott, Dario Argento, and Martin Scorsese.

Then it's on to Bava's 1964 seminal giallo classic, Blood and Black Lace, a filmic tour de force that brought new meaning to the term fashion victim! Before Jason, before Michael, heck, even before that creepy obscene-phone-calling guy in Black Christmas, there was Bava's sadistic serial killer, complete with eerie white mask and serious women issues! Tune in as Erik draws some intriguing connections between the works of Roger Corman, the ubiquitous Italian 'yellow' mystery comics of that time, and the dark imagination of Mario Bava in yet another funny and fascinating installment of 100 Years of Horror!

Download episode 52 !

[Running time:41 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]Attack Of The Killer Podcast 34 -- Collecting Horror

Are you obsessed with the horror genre? Have you collected so much horror-related paraphernalia that your bedroom walls would creep out Leatherface? Do you think it's time for an intervention? No? Cool!

Instead, why not download the latest episode of Attack of the Killer Podcast, as co-hosts Mike Saunders, Jason Bolinger, Justin Beahm, Dustin Neill, and special guest Stephen Tracy discuss their collections with an intensity normally reserved for attendees at a serial killer convention!

Comics, posters, action figures, blu-ray collections - you name it: it's all on the table (pun intended) in this wide-ranging marathon episode. Collect this episode ! EnjoyJ

[Running time: 4 hours, 46 minutes]

[Warning: Listening to this episode may lead to feelings of envy and inferiority. Hide all credit cards and sharp objects before playing!]Cadaver Lab Indies 14 -- Murder Party (2007)

Hey, gang! Did you get your invitations to that mysterious get-together at Mike Cadaver's place? Cool! 'Cause it's B.Y.O.W. (Weapon of choice) night as he and Johnny Krueg discuss the funny-slash-scary film, Murder Party!

Before that, Mike and Johnny talk about the latest goings-on, Johnny plugs the awesome beach-goth band , the guys discuss some recent controversy between a few indie bands, and then they go mano-a-mano in the latest trivia challenge! Who will win, and what odious task will the loser have to perform? Well, as Johnny would say, "maybe you'll be amazed" at how the contest turns out!

Download the awesomeness that is Episode 14

BTW, for more info on Murder Party, you can check out their , or even their (myspace -- isn't that adorable!).

[Running time: 1 hour, 50 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]CINEMA BEEF PODCAST

Exorcistravaganza! (Parts 1 And 2)

Click through to check out Eileen Dietz's homepage!

Check out this two-part extended episode of Cinema Beef Podcast, as Jamie Jenkins of the joins host Gary Hill for an expansive discussion of all things Exorcist! That's right: all the Exorcist films (including both prequels) and even the film Repossessed from 1990, starring Leslie Nielsen and Linda Blair. To top it off, Jamie also interviews Eileen Dietz, the actress who played the face of Pazuzu (uncredited) in the original Exorcist film! Download , and !

[Running time: Part 1, 2 hours, 4 minutes; Part 2, 1 hour, 8 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]

Dope, Guns, And Nosy Neighbors Make Max A Dull Boy

As the title suggests, this week's theme is Attention Deficit Disorder, a serious disease that strikes one in six podcasts. Can it be cured? Well, who cares, as long as it's as fun to listen to as this episode of Cinema Beef Podcast!

This time around, host Gary Hill is joined by Gill Rockatansky of , to talk about Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981), Requiem for a Dream (2000), and the completely awesome Hot Fuzz (2007)! They also discuss Bob Dylan and hot tub etiquette (thankfully not at the same time), so if you thought there'd be some focal point here, you'd be wrong -- deliriously wrong

Download the episode !

[Running time: 2 hours, 32 minutes]

[Warning: Contains adult language, references to Dinki Di dog food, and some discussion of Mel Gibson's lack of hot tub etiquette (Google it, if you dare).]Corpse Cast 79 -- Savatage And Drive Angry

In this episode of Corpse Cast, join Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo as they mix some old-school metal -- Savatage's 1987 album Hall of the Mountain King -- with some new-school horror, as they take on the 2011 Nicolas Cage vehicle (pun intended) Drive Angry! Mike also talks about some humour gone wrong during a recent date with his wife (been there, got that t-shirt!), and the guys handle a shovel-load of voice mails, including callers who talk about movies with good, bad, and ugly twist endings!

Download the digital magic that is episode 79 !

[Running time: 2 hours, 55 minutes]

[Warning: Mature content]CREEPERSIN CAST

Episode 39 -- Lords Of Salem

Join Creep Creepersin as he takes a long, hard look at Rob Zombie's 2012 film, The Lords of Salem! But first, Creep explains why after watching The Expendables 2 (2012), he had to detoxify himself by watching the original Batman movie, from 1966, immediately afterward. Then -- holy man-eating giants, Batman! -- Creep's son recommends that he check out the 2013 animated TV series, Attack on Titan, which turns out to be pretty darn good!

Creep also reminds listeners about his Free Wednesday promotion, where visitors can download a free book from his Amazon page every Wednesday! (Wow, sorry about all the exclamation points in this review!! Target was having a sale!!!)

Download episode 39 !!!!

[Running time! 1 hour! 13 minutes!]

[Warning!!! Mature!!!! content!!!!]

Episode 38 - Pretty Little Liars

"Don't make me defend this show!" warned Creep to his Facebook friends. Still they persisted. So here it is: his case for why the ABC series Pretty Little Liars is now on his not-to-be-missed list. He even uses science to back up his argument, referring to the website to rate the show's level of giallo-osity - and you won't believe how high this show rates against classics like Blood and Black Lace and Five Dolls for an August Moon!

Creep also updates you on some of his latest writing endeavours, including Creepersin Go Home (finally available for download at !) and (now available on paperback!). He also plugs his Creepology collection (which includes of all his , including an extra story and tons of background notes) and Blood Lust Romance, 3rd edition (almost done).

But wait, there's more! You can go to his homepage and sign up for the latest news, check out his YouTube page for the series, and have the delivered straight to your virtual door (subscribers can get exclusive pages from his books, previews, contests, and giveaways!).

Okay, now I'm done. Download episode 38

[Running time: 1 hour, 3 minutes]

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