Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swiss Family Robinson

Sometimes I liken this adventure to the Robinson Family- and yesterday was no different.We were walking home from a neighboring village- it was only like 30 minutes from our village and there we saw it . a water hole.Because we are just getting out of monsoon- this was the first time that the "pool" wasn't half jacuzzi half class five water falls- it was perfection.So we jumped in and swam around.It was amazing.I felt a little bad because it was only Lin and Alisha . Caro and Vin were back at the houseoh well, you snooze you lose. I didn't even have to worry about River Monsters because it is really just a huge stream from a mountain run off-- no fish, no sharks, nothing that Brooke said would kill me.

Our Pool

View from the top.

Waterfall creating the pool
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