Sunday, September 29, 2013

Final 20 Miler Before PEI!

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday full of Running Goodness!

First off, I thought I'd show you my beautiful flowers from Matt)

Today was my final scheduled 20 mile long run before my 7th full Marathon in PEI, which is 3 weeks away! OMG! Where did those last 15 weeks go!?!? Obviously I ran my big 20 slow and easy steady today.I dared not write 'easy' since every step hurt today. Like, a lot.This was without a doubt from yesterday's !I kept my run as flat as geographically possible after the monster hills in my Leg of the Rum Runner's Relay yesterday.Let's just say that when I got out of bed today someone's hammies and glutes were tight and sore! Look at me being all perky and peppy 'before' my run, (top left), LOL.What did I know!? I should also mention that today's run was super hot, again.All 3 long runs of 20 miles during this training cycle have been run in hot sunny weather....what is up with that?Earlier in the week I wore a scarf to work. A scarf people! Next up, the tough parts.I knew my sluggish legs wouldn't be able to handle any fast miles today.So I kept it at a conservative pace. I stayed on the Rails to Trails the entire time for two reasons: 1. It's super flat and 2. It offered some shade. Some, not much. Two snake encounters later and I was at 11 miles. :0My energy stores were running on 'very low' and my thirst levels were sky rocketing!I fuelled up with a Vanilla Bean Gu and three big gulps of blue Gatorade. It tasted like awesomeness in a fuel bottle!I trudged along for another 3 miles before I really started to feel the hurt.Those last 6 miles were tough.I took drinks about every mile and then worried I'd run out. I always carry enough change in my fuel belt though for instances like that. Luckily today I didn't need to dip into my $1.75 savings. ;) With two miles to go I felt like I was running on wobbly jello legs.I also got a bit nauseous. Dehydration had definitely set in.I hydrated along the run, obviously, but it was just so dang warm! I highly considered walking home at 19.5 miles, but trashed talked myself into running the remainder of the way home. LOL. THE RUN20 miles2hrs 56 min8:51 Avg. pace/mile I literally fanaticized about the watermelon, Gatorade and Coconut water I had at home.I guzzled down one full bottle of orange Gatorade, one can of coconut water, one glass of regular water and 4 slices of watermelon like nobody's business upon arriving home.

After an awesome shower, I brewed a Chocolate Chip Cookie flavoured coffee.I sat in my rocking chair super exhausted watching Friends' Reruns when the knock from heaven came on the door. Girl Guides were making their rounds, and I definitely supported them. :) Today is officially the launch of my Taper Time.Beware! ;) Just kidding. I always look forward to the bittersweet Taper of Marathon training.I feel like I've done all my homework and now I need to embrace the 'extra' time I'll have. I've done all my high mileage runs, completed many races, ate reasonably well and incorporated strength training into my regimen.PEI is 3 weeks away. I feel like I've reached the line between peaking and over training.It's a very fine line and runner's should definitely learn to distinguish between the two.When my taper time arrives, my body is certainly ready for it.My first clue is always a sniffley cold. The problem with tapering is that I feel like I 'should' be running 'more' and that I am 'losing fitness.' These thoughts make me an undesirable mess to be around. What fun! lol.I know this is common of the running savage athlete like myself, so let the Taper Begin! I hope your week ahead is full of smiley miles.Have a beautiful evening everyone! Happy Running,

Heather :)
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