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Episode 3: Experience

It was now Sunday, a few days after I made the contract with my very own Soul Aura. An entire week of training with my friend Aiko. It was really unbelievable how this all happened within a single week. In the beginning before I came to Japan, I just wanted to stay at home to be a nobody. I wanted to be someone that grew up, got a job, and a family to finish it all off.

Just like anyone else but nowI feel like I wouldn't be satisfied living like that. Now I've entered the world of magic. A place where I can be someone; where I can make friends and be of use.

Now I just wanted to spend time with that friend and get to know them better.

"You're part of White Chimera, that much I get." I sat across from Aiko at a table near the local convenience store. The two of us enjoyed our day off with a light lunch and some cold drinks since it was such a hot day.

"I am." I hear Aiko slurping the last of the juice up. I do my best to ignore it.

"So what's your job here?" I asked before but never received an answer.

"I'm here looking for lost fragments." she set the drink aside then leaned forward so no one else could hear her talk.

"Lost fragments?" that term flew right over my head.

"The lost fragments of the Elixir of Miracles."

"Elixir of Miracles?" I furrowed my brow. "Oh right, you mentioned that the first time we met."

"Yes, I did."

"So what about it?"

"I'm searching for fragments for White Chimera. That's all there is to it. It's a really important job so I can't fail."

"Okay, I get that but are you the only one looking for them? If White Chimera is as big as I think it is, shouldn't they have dispatched more people?"

"Yes, you're exactly right." I was? Nail on the head.

"Wait a second. There are more people, right?"


"Eh?" the way she said that made me uncomfortable.

"There were originally five of us. You're looking at the only survivor." the way she said that was so cold it sent a chill down my spine.

She was the last one?

"When did this happen? Where?!" I sat up from my seat.

"Months agoalso, sit." Aiko stood up from the other side to push me back into my seat.

If they all died months ago then why is Aiko still doing this alone?

"Why aren't there more people to help you?"

"Because I requested no one else bear the burden. I am more than capable of handling the job on my own" she was strong enough to do something like this all by herself? Really, how strong was Aiko? I guess if I stick around, I'm bound to find out.

"Then why did you have me make a contract?" now I'm really confused.

"That was for your own benefit."

"My own benefit? What do you mean?" I take a sip of my own juice.

"You said you had magical potential so I just helped to bring that out."

"Wait wait, you also said something about helping you with your job."

"Yes, I did. My job as a witch to teach the inexperienced."

Wait, there's more to it than that, isn't there.

"You said something about fate back then, didn't you?"

"No, I didn't." she smiled.

"Mmmm, so if you don't want me to help you with your job, what do I do?"

"Just let me teach you magic. That's all you have to do."

Teaching me magic while asking for nothing in return. For some reason I feel uncomfortable accepting that.

"No, I'll fight with you. I'm strong so I'm sure I can help some way."

"Are you sure about that? Don't be so naive."

"I'm not naive!" I smacked the table with open palms. "I can fight too, I can show you! Definitely!"

My new friend didn't respond. Instead she stood up from the table.

"What's wrong?" I blinked a few times in confusion. "Are you okay? Did I say something "

"Yes. Please, go home now, Ada. We'll continue your lessons tomorrow after school at the usual time. I'll make some dinner, too, so look forward to it." she had already started walking away so she talked with her back facing me.

It was so sudden I didn't know how to react. "Uh, alright." is all I said as Aiko vanished from sight over the hill."Ada! MOVE!"

I hear a voice calling for me, "Huh?"

Broken out of my daydream by the sound of an explosion.

"OH, I'm sorry!" I put all of my strength into my legs to leap back. The ground shook violently, causing me to almost lose balance.

What happened?

What was going on?

The sudden explosion threw me for a loop but eventually I made sense of things.

I had followed Aiko late into the evening.

After our talk at the convenience store, I wanted to help her since she was helping me.

I followed Aiko into an alley where this monster had formed.

A battle started. Thinking I could help her, I summoned Arco.

"MASTER, LOOK OUT!" that voice didn't belong to Aiko. It was my own Soul Aura.

"AHHH!" with nothing else to do, I fall low to the ground to avoid the monster's second attack.

"W-we have to get out of here, now! What were you thinking? You can't fight something like that!" Arco communicated with me telepathically.

I know that. I know that but I still had to help her.

"" the beast screeched.

I couldn't bare it. I held my ears while looking up at its terrible form. A large, fat worm with tiny legs like a centipede all over its body.

Large, red circles for eyes.

The reflection of my terrified face on its surface made me realize something.

This wasn't a joke. This was the real deal.

"Master!" Arco yelled again.

No, even if this wasn't a joke that didn't mean a thing. What truly mattered was my own life. I threw myself back and away from the beast in a desperate attempt to save myself.

The ground shook again. The monster took a chomp out of the ground where I once stood.

"Gungnir!" Aiko's voice booms from the other end of the alley. "I command thee, severed spear, strike from heaven!"

A green light danced through the darkness. It happened in a second. No, less than that. More like an instant. A green linetraced itself in an arc before coming straight down onto the monster's head. It wasn't just the spear that moved at that speed.

There, holding the spear in her hands, was Aiko.

She disappeared from one place and appeared in another.

"Teleportation? No, that was her true speed." my Soul Aura looked on in amazement.

"What are you GAWKING AT? RUN!" Aiko removed the spear.

"I'mI'm sorry!"

"RUN, ADA!" Aiko screamed at me again.

My body tensed.

I stepped back.

Tears started to fall down my face.

I turned away.

Put one foot outto start to run.That cry again.

A line of black appeared right in front of me.

Unlike before, I had no time to react. No time to run away. No time to do anything.

That line pierced right through

My stomach and

it hurt.

"Aaaaaaaaah!" I screamed.

"BACK OFF!" Arco screamed.

A spray of light flew out from Arco's small, rat body. They were sparks of light that threw themselves into the monster's eyes. It didn't deal any damage but it was enough to free me from its grasp.

"Agh." I feel myself hit the ground.

What happened?

My thoughts are so jumbled.

My body is so numb.

But what I do know is that I made a mistake. I tried to help Aiko because I thought I had the power to make a difference but instead I was a burden.

A burden.

A green line dances through the air before appearing right in front of the monster. The spear head tears into the monster, throwing it back down the alley where it started. In the next second my friend and Master forms in front of me. "Do you see now? Do you see what I mean that you can't help?"

I struggle to get to my feet. "I do. I really am pathetic."

"If you start with the self-deprecation then I'm done being your teacher."

"Even after-"

"I don't give up on people, Ada. I never do." wait, did she just say she's not

"Now sit back and watch your Master go to work." Aiko leans down close to the ground with the spear Gungnir pointed downward.

"NO, first of all." another voice that I don't know. "You can leave my homestead and turf. Second, you can back off."

Aiko looks up to the sky.

There a girl with short, white hair stands in strange clothes standing over us from the building overhead. The thing I notice first is her tanned skin and a gold talisman on her neck. "Who's that?" the words fall out of my mouth.

"I'm not sure. I wasn't told about any other magical girls in town." Aiko says that as she takes a few steps back toward me. "Ada, are you alright? Can you move? If you can, get a move on."

"Alright." I'm in no position to question Aiko anymore. I turn away and sprint down the other end of the alley.

I make it to the sidewalk. Aiko has her back turned to the sidewalk so I can actually watch from here. If I'm going to get involved in this sooner or later, I need to observe how they fight and act. Just for a little bit.

The newcomer forms a golden bow out of thin air. She aims it straight down at the beast at the end of the alleyway. A sword made of the same gold is drawn on the magical bow string. "Not going to say it again!" lightning arcs from her fingertips as the bow is drawn back. She locks onto the centipede demon who has just recovered from Aiko's blow. "SUPERCOLLIDER!" the sword is released. The blade rips through the air, trailing light like a jet streams through the sky.

A golden star forms where the sword impacts. It expands outward where it eventually explodes in a shower of yellow sparkles. Just like that the monster was completely destroyed.

"Oh man!" l shout loud.

Aiko turns back toward me, her eyes narrowed. "Didn't I say to get out of here?!"

"Uh, yes, yes you did! I'm going to do that right now!" I start to run but stop.

"WAIT." the one who eradicated the Suuta yells at the two of us as she touches down on the ground. "You two, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I have no reason to tell you." Aiko immediately meets this new girl up front while still in her magical girl outfit.

"Yeah, yeah you do. This is my home. I protect it from those bastard monsters. I don't need any help there."

"I'm not here to help you. I am here on a job and nothing more."

"Job? Wait a second, are you with White Chimera, the Witch's Covenant or the Templars?" I'm not familiar with those last two. The Witch's Covenant and the Templars?

"I'm with White Chimera if you must know."

"So am I. Satomi Housen." she still doesn't seem pleased even hearing that Aiko is an ally.

"Satomi Housen?" Aiko tilts her head to the side.

"My name, you idiot. Yours?"

"Aiko Sasaki. Fifteen years old."

"Fourteen." Satomi looks to the side, "Well to be clear my Dad is part of White Chimera and I was admitted because of familial ties to the organization."

"I had to join up front." Aiko sighed.

"Huh? What was that just now?" Satomi picked up on Aiko's displeasure.

"Nothing, Housen."

"Last name, is it? Don't be so upfront. Call me Satomi."

"Alright, Housen." Aiko smiles slightly.

"Forget you. Done talking." at that remark, Satomi turns around to start walking away. "Don't let me catch you around here again. Tell those homewreckers at White Chimera I can handle my hometown on my own. Also," she looks straight at me over her shoulder. "Leave that girl out of this. I caught some of the fight before hand. She couldn't transform or even defend herself yet she as a Soul Aura. Leave her out of this magical business. It's way too much of a bother."

"If Ada wants to quit, I will not stop her." Aiko says that while meeting Satomi's stare.

"You sure you'll let her? Hey." the other magical girl takes her eyes from Aiko to me again. "You want to quit? No one will condemn you for it."

"No, I don't."

"Tch, fine then." just like that she gives up. The silver-haired girl vanishes down the dark alleyway without so much as a good-bye.

"Satomi?" I take a few steps forward after the white-haired girl.

"Ada." Aiko takes my hand. "Come on."


"Come on." she forcefully pulls me away from the battleground.

"O-okay, I'm coming!" with no other choice, I follow after her.Elsewhere in Tatsutato

A black limousine cruises through the main part of the city. Civilians stare on at admiration at the long car.

A silver-haired princess looks out the window at the admiring faces. "Pretty disgusting, don't you think?"

"Yes, Mistress." the driver agrees with the shrill maiden's word.

"Hmmm, that didn't sound like you truly agreed." she fans herself with a white fan.

"Of course I don't." the driver takes a right turn down a darkened alley way.

"I don't think this is the right way." she says so casually.

"Again, of course it isn't." the driver gets out of the car.

"Is this a setup?" she gets out of the car herself to see what's going on outside.

"Yes, Mistress."

The driver walks straight down the alley way. As he passes into obscurity, there is a series of resounding 'clicks'.

"Guns?" she says that with a frown. "Is that all White Chimera can spare? Mere grunts? I suppose they're really losing funding." the girl snaps the fan closed. "Okay then, I'll humor you."

"Open fire! The field has been set up, we won't garner any attention! Fire! Fire! Fire!" on the man's command, the battalion of men unload their bullets into the air.

"Caledfwlch." the princess whispers.

A large ivory blade blasts up from the ground to intercept the barrage of ammunition. The blade extends to both sides of the alley and forms a wall between the girl and her attackers. "What is it, Princess?"

"I apologize for waking you but I need your assistance."

"Do you now?" a large red-eyeball opens up on the hilt of the massive sword. It looks down at its summoner, sizing her up. "Very well."

"Alright then, go to work!" she turns around to walk back down the alleyway to the street. "I suppose I can get there on foot."

Screams echo out for mercy. The sound of metal tearing through air echoes loudly inside the containment field placed by the assailants. No one can hear them scream. No one can save them from the fate they brought upon themselves.

"Hmhmhm~" the princess girl called Adelheid Chevrolet continues her walk down the sidewalk as if nothing happened.

As if it was just a normal day for her.

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