Monday, November 18, 2013


Last week and I decided to go to Disneyland while the Halloween decorations were still up. :D It was so much fun!

My outfit:

Monsters University jacket: Ebay

Dress: Glavil by tutuHA

Shoes: New Rock

Ears: Disneyland Tokyo

Eyeball bows: Kreepsville 666

Bat necklace: Candy Geisha

Choker: Twirly Trinkets

Garters and stockings: Handmade by me

It was all very last minute because we didn't actually decide to go until the night before, but I tried to be both Halloween and Disney-themedLeg details

I saw Jack Skellington from a small distance while was having photos taken with people, and I guess he noticed me being excited about all the Halloween stuff haha, because he beckoned me over and gave me this candy. C:

Haunted Mansion

Waiting to go inside the Haunted Mansion. I lent Nicole an eyeball bow to put on her ears so we could both be spooky C:

There were so many cute pumpkins around!

I did not manage to pull the sword from the stone :<

W... what happened to your neck?!(;)

A lot of the Fantasyland staff had uniforms that reminded us of Scouting Legion uniforms.

Nicole on her way to slay titans


The only character-shaped food we could find :c

With Doctor Facilier. I haven't actually seen The Princess and the Frog, but this guy was fabulous and I liked his costume. c:

He got excited about my outfit and said he likes Harajuku fashion haha c: ALSO LOOK AT HIS GIANT HANDS

After the park closed we discovered a Rainforest Cafnearby and decided to go for cocktails. We ended up ordering this delicious monstrosity, but could barely even finish half of it between us.

Very relevant song of the day:

I love this version of the song so much~
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