Monday, November 18, 2013

Nigh is the Time of Witches

Halloween beckons and the monsters' balls are bulging. Whitby holds its annual Vampires Ball this weekend. Whitby lies on the East Yorkshire Coast and is twinned with Anchorage. Bram Stoker both wrote and set Dracula in the town and it remains a mecca for the children of the night. Halloween is also a huge collecting area and every year the shops seem to be stuffed full of Halloweenables earlier and earlier! I'm actually heading in the same direction as Jonathan Harker this weekend as I'm fly to Germany. He went much further east, to Transylvania, and his unfortunate exsanguination at the hands of the Count. Luckilly I shall be back to celebrate Halloween in Blighty. I land on what is now termed Mischief Night, the night before Halloween, when there are no treats, just tricks, and usually anti-social ones. It seems to have a particular resonance in West Yorkshire, where I live, much to inconvenience of its residents. There is even a film of the same name filmed in Leeds nearby. I think Devil's Night seen in Brandon Lee's Crow is the same unruly occasion. What will you be doing on Halloween?
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