Sunday, November 10, 2013

31 Day of Goosebumps


Much like yesterday's Werewolf Skin this book was on a ton of "Best Goosebumps Books" lists. Holy shit they did not lie.

Now is this a good book? Not exactly. It tends to have similar twists and turns as many other books and it's full of fake outs (which usually I hate) but the fake outs have an overly surreal aspect to it.

So Marco gets hit in the head by a baseball bat and wakes up in his living room with no memories of what happened between getting hit and waking up (although he apparently was in the Hospital). He keeps getting weird phone calls from Keith a boy who claims to live in the basement.

Marco starts seeing Keith, but whenever he goes to show him to someone Keith disappears. A Doctor wants to remove his brain to examine it and a girl throws up until she flips herself inside out.Then Marco walks up still in the hospital, and the doctor rips his tongue out. And he walks up again.

He gets sent home where Keith attacks him and wakes up... only for us to discover that these were all Keith's dreams. Keith is a Monster (who has a human form) that lives in Marco's basement. He was the person hit with the baseball bat and has been having bizarre dreams ever since.

THE BAD: The twist has definitely been done ALOT this round (specifically in The Blob Who Ate Everyone) but I enjoyed it.

THE GOOD: Unlike previous books, Stine takes full advantage of the dream world and puts surreal shit in this. I was hooked the entire time. I knew I had to be reading someone who was dreaming, that was obvious but it's what made it so entertaining. Everything was so bizarre it could only exist in a dream.

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