Saturday, November 16, 2013

Abbott and Costello: Hold That Ghost

To one of Abbott and Costello's early movies, they run into their first monster problem, as they had to spend a night in a haunted house!! After a millionaire was murdered, they discover that mans house, along with friends that they meet as they were gonna spend night in that house too. There is a friend who's a detective, a woman who does screaming in radio shows, a doc who might know everything especially calories, and a friend who's in love with that doc.

After taking a taxi to there, the driver just left them behind without even giving them their baggage!! They always do that in horror stories. So during supper, after listening to music, they found out that their detective friend is missing as he was murdered. They did found his body a little later, while Lou felt like he was dreaming or not. Like he was in a bedroom or a poker game room.

But when one of the women saw like a ghost, she screamed. So they would decide to get out and head back. While looking at the map, Lou saw, but Bud can't on two candles. One that was walking on the table, and one that was floating!! He was scared like a blue jay the way he reacts to the candles.

At last in this ending, they found lots of cash in a stuffed moose, and found out that a gangster gang were the ones that were in charge of this house, and murdered the detective. While there was chaos, Lou did a sound effect that the police were coming in a police siren that scared all the gangsters away. Finally by morning, and tomorrow, they had a bright future. They opened up an outdoor restaurant, as they were the owners. The doc and woman had a honeymoon later, as they had famous singers there and way back in the beginning. The Andrew Sisters, and Ted Lewis!! They were singers there, and in the end.
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