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[Anime Review: Fall 2013] Kyoukai no Kanata Episode One: Carmine

Alternate titles: Beyond the Boundary

Air date: October 2, 2013

Genres / themes: action, fantasy,

Review based on the first 1 episode(s)

YO LISTEN UP. OF THE SHOWS REVIEWED SO FAR THIS ONE'S BEEN THE BEST. Not necessarily the best ever, since it does have it's faults, but definitely the best so far. Kyoukai no Kanata is about some dude who cannot fucking die, because he's half dreamshade, whatever the hell that is. He sees some girl on the roof of the school, thinks she's about to jump off and decides to stop her by telling her how cute she looks in glasses, which is kind of a dumbass thing to say, but she stabs him in the chest like two seconds later anyways. She keeps stabbing him in the chest, actually, all the freaking time. Turns out she's using him to practice fighting actual shade-monster things, because his immortality's really convenient for that. A number of students and their families are in on this whole shade/spirit-fighting thing, including the main character's delightfully brutal classmate, who's the daughter of the Nase clan, who're in charge of some kind of spirit shit. Anyways, Mirai, the stabby-girl, has a shade living in her apartment and she's been too scared to kill it on her own, so her and main character guy go to take care of it.

Let's be honest here, the high school thing isn't the most creative, but the rest of it is pretty neat. There wasn't really any fanservice, so the animation wasn't a totally wasted. It was quite purdy, actually. Backgrounds were sharp and full of nice colours and the rainbow flame things that sprung up when Mirai was chasing the main character were pretty sweet. The action part is also executed pretty well-lots of good angles. Character designs were typical KyoAni fair, almost too cute, but at least attractive. The characters themselves were mostly just altered versions of stereotypes we've seen before, but weren't flat out stereotypes, y'know? Mirai, with her blood-sword wielding power, was probably the neatest. Music sounded pretty nice as well. WATCHABILITY'S only gonna get a NEGATIVE THREE, though, since while there were some kickass girls, there main character was still a dude and there are way too many stories with guys as the default main character already, and the number of female characters concerns me, as always, since these things can so easily turn into harems. CERTAINLY RECOMMENDED though, from what I've seen so far.

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