Monday, November 18, 2013

Down By The Bay....

We only had a handful of days where everyone was in New York at the same time.So our first few days there we went down to West Gilgo a lot to hang out with everyone.We all headed down to the Bay one day to play around in the water and see what we could findFound some little sand crabs and other creatures for the kids to look at and play withTucker is very familiar with sea life, so he had no problem making friends with this little guyZeke found his own Daddy sea monster and decided to attack him and shove his face in the waterAnd decided to catch himself a little snack and eat it right there on the spot!Chasing down his Daddy again, pushing him in the water, while Charlie and Uncle Dave worked the net to catch some fishJust walking and wading around in the bay, seeing what we could findAlthough I'm not a huge fan of the Bay, the kids loved it and it's the perfect playground for them!
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