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Cake N Comics #10 Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight

Hurry: The Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight is a 2013 action-adventure comic by team Echorift. Hurry follows a skilled Rabbitoid hunter on his quests to defeat the monsters created by villain The Mother. The first issue shows the origins of our fluffy hero and his race, then we are thrown into absolute bossness (Its a word if i say its a word). Hurry captures us from the start, confronting us face to face with a wisecracking, fourth-wall breaking, talking starship who helps Hurry on his quest.

The art is well drawn and the concept for the race rabbitoid, although talking rabbits are nothing new, they still bring the race to life. The story is well written and uses great used view throughout the comic. Making new text appear, even new characters and props appear right before your eyes. The choice for all ages allows the comic to breath a little, with no blood or gore it attracts a wide audience

We got in touch with Don Garvey of Echorift and asked him a few questions

ME: What was your inspiration for the characters inside the story?

DON:The character and world of Hurry had two major origin points over the past 30 years.

Though I don't draw the Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight comic, the character of Hurry is one I have been drawing and making comics about since I was 12 or 13 years old.I was inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - this is from before there was even a Ninja Turtles cartoon, when it was only a black and white comic.The Cray Warriors came from that time period as well (we were dissecting crayfish in biology class, as I recall). There was also a race of cow people called the "Meadow Militia" but they haven't made it into the modern retelling.Back then, Hurry didn't have a first name, he was just "The Rabbitoid from the L Dimension". A few years ago I started making up bedtime stories for my kids featuring Hurry.That was when the idea of the Rabbitoid Knights came into the story, and the idea of the evil "Mother" character.This is also when I decided to give Hurry partner in the form of his trusty talking starship called Ollie.When I started writing down the stories I told the boys, it struck me that my longtime friend Mike and I should turn it into a comic.Mike and I made comics in the early 90s together, and have worked on my illustration and screenwriting projects over the years. Mike designed what Ollie looks like, and added the idea that Hurry would have a special gun, called a Rocker, that he can do many things with (though this hasn't been expanded upon in the current comics series just yet). ME: What would you expect if there was a media adaptation of your comic? DON: The first thing I would hope is that Mike and I would be able to write the script!Otherwise, I think Hurry would make the most sense as an animated feature.Maybe someone could do a live action version of Hurry but I don't have a lot of faith in that.Oh, and I think it might make for a cooler TV show like Korra or Avatar, but I would be plenty happy with a film adaptation! I would give this comic a 9.8 for the imaginative story, creative art and all of the above!
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