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Demonita book Series

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Demonita book series

Author: Darren Shaw

Titles in the series

* Lord Loss

* Demon Thief

* Slawter

* Bec

* Blood Beast

* Demon Apocalypse

* Death's Shadow

* Wolf Island

* Dark Calling

* Hell's Heroes

Plot Summary: The story follows three main characters from different time periods all who have encounters with a powerful demonic force in their lives. Grubbs Grady is a teenage set in what is suppose to be modern time, who walks into a room and finds his family being murdered by Lord Loss, a powerful demon master. Bec is a girl living sometime in the 1400 s who goes on a quest to stop a demon invasion in her homeland. Kernel originally learns how the demons when his younger brother is abducted, Kernel goes on a quest with a pack of magicians to locate them.

Eventually time and destiny unites the three protagonists in a mission to acquire parts of a ancient weapon, one that could destroy the dimension the demons exist in. However, their actions awaken the most powerful demon in existence, The Shadow, who seeks the same weapon, so it may remake all of existence to fit it's twisted needs. It's a race between good and evil with the all essence of life on the line.

Critical evaluation:

First off I would say, this series is not for the weak stomach.Almost every book has scenes of strong graphic violence, which completely fits the tone of series, but this series is not for everyone.

With that said, the series is an excellent series for any teen or young adult looking a fantasy or horror series. The mystery surrounding the Kas-Gash (the weapon the characters are seeking) is well done, keeping you guessing where the next component will be located, all the while they are hunted by malicious forces.

In terms of themes that teens could relate to, several characters demonstrate a fear of growing up because of dangers that follow. Grubbs is the best example of this; this family suffers from a werewolf curse, where they will turn into monsters and start attacking anyone around them. The older the person gets, the more likely it is to happen. The only hope for a cure lies in making a bet with a evil entity, Lord Loss, the person who murdered his whole family for losing to him. Most of the characters fear getting older due to possible effects like the curse. Teens can relate, growing up is scary. One day you live a carefree world, free to do whatever you want whenever. Suddenly you have bills, a job, repairs on the cars, etc. The sudden change can be shocking and a little scary.

Another is making a stand against evil in the world. Teens love to view themselves as crusaders for causes of good, something that is greatly emphasized. The teen main characters are waging a war to save their world from a force that could never be described as anything other than pure evil.

Book talk ideas

Each of the characters has a different motivation for fighting the demons, be it revenge, duty or just making a stand for the right reasons. If demons were real in our world, what motive would it take for you to fight against them? Would you fight at all or be afraid? Would it take power (such as magic in the series)?

Throughout the series, characters are constantly making bets and deals with Lord Loss, often ones that they have to in order to save the day. More often than not, these deals and bets are incredibly dangerous for the human involved (Grubbs family was viciously killed for losing a game to him). What type of deal would you make with a all-powerful demon (remember that it wasn't for riches or fame, it was to help cure the werewolf curse)? Why?
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