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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland


Forget Me Not

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2013



Robin Hood makes an appearance in a series of flashbacks telling how the Knave came to Wonderland and with whom, which turns out to be someone we've met and only made me more curious about their back story. While Cyrus is being bated by the Queen and Jafar into helping them get to Alice, she and the Knave pay a visit to the caterpillar to get the "forget me not" in an attempt to find Cyrus' bottle.

They venture to the Whispering Woods at the direction of the Caterpillar, voiced by Iggy Pop,to get the Forget Me Not. The Knave promises to return the Forget Me Not and in return, his debts are paid off. This adventure obviously comes with dangers that the pair inevitably (literally) fall into at the hands of the Grendel, whose story we see play out was actually sad and very similar to the Knave's as we find out through these little bits of his past.

Speaking of his past, we got to see the Knave/Will as he joined Robin Hood's band of merry men and there are ulterior motives, romantic motives behind his becoming a merry man. It's through these flashbacks that we finally meet this Anastasia he had mentioned earlier in the series. They tease us with just indistinguishable aspects of the woman throughout the episode and it's only in the last five minutes that we see who she is THE RED QUEEN! Although, if you pay attention to some of the cues, you figure out exactly who he is referring to as he looks through the Forget Me Not.

Meanwhile, in the land of evil, Jafar and the Red Queen (or Anastasia) attempt to get Cyrus to help them trap Alice and get the wishes from her. Of course, he's smarter than they assume and leads them astray, by having them send a bandersnatch to Alice, which she knew how to beat.

And, the fact that Will and the Grendel shared something in common when it comes to love was nice to see. Especially when Will starts trying to convince the Grendel not to eat them and says, "what you look like is how I feel." I think it was nice to see from his character, who is quickly becoming my favorite. But hey, it's only a few episodes in.

Maleficent also makes an appearance (sort of) in the form of a disembodied voice as Robin Hood and his band of merry men pilfer treasure from her castle. And, it seems like Will may have taken something slightly more valuable to her than just a chest of gold, the looking glass as a way to get them out of the Enchanted Forest and into Wonderland.

The way that they are slowly immersing the audience into Wonderland mythology is much appreciated but, I will need constant reminding of what these creatures the Queen and Jafar are mentioning with the exception of the momrath (thank you, childhood). I really liked the Grendel's story and this theme overall of lost love as we get further into the series; first with Alice, then with Will and now with the Grendel. Also, things to file under not okay: how Jafar took care of the Grendel. I mean, I know he was a monster and everything but he just wanted to see his wife again.

So now that we know this woman the Knave was once in love with, who else is really looking forward to them meeting again? Is anyone else finding the Knave storyline more interesting than the main one? Or is that just me? Let me know your TwoCents!
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