Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween Crime Cocktails

Recipe for a vampish weekend.Halloween is almost here. Some friends and I decided we needed to create, borrow, and adapt beverages for our favorite Halloween crime classics. We got together to mix and test the drinks below. So grab a cocktail shaker and your favorite Halloween crime fiction novel or DVD and let's get started.


HALLOWEEN TV EPISODES* CASTLE: "VAMPIRE WEEKEND"THE EPISODE: Beckett and Castle find themselves trying to solve the murder of a man killed with a wooden stake who hung out in the "vampire underworld" while trying to decide what to wear to a Halloween party.THE DRINK: "The Castletini" - Three parts champagne, one part cranberry juice, and a splash of blood orange liqueur. This drink is really well suited for any episode of Castle. You can also have a glass of Vampire merlot (available from World Market).

* NCIS: "CHIMERA"THE EPISODE: In Greek mythology a Chimera (pronounced Ki-mera) is a monster with the head of a goat, the body of a lion, and a dragon's tail. When Gibbs and the team head for a ship, called Chimera, they find that the crew has disappeared, except for the dead body of one crewman.THE DRINK: "The Chimera" - Two parts whiskey; one part blood orange juice, a tablespoon of sugar (a Halloween version of the whiskey sour). True Gibbs fans may want to have a steaming mug of black coffee instead.* BONES: "MUMMY IN THE MAZE"THE EPISODE: Temperance Brennan and Seely Booth investigate the discovery of two dead women found disguised as mummies, one in a Halloween maze, the other in a haunted fun house. Dressed as Wonder Woman and a nerdy scientist they have to work quickly to prevent the death of a third woman.THE DRINK: "I Want My Mummy" - Three parts ginger ale, one part cranberry juice and a splash of pomegranate liqueur for just a little kick.


THE EPISODES: The show follows the adventures of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse as she fights vampires and werewolves. It is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series by CHARLAINE HARRIS.THE DRINK: "The Blood Shot" - Two ounces vodka, one ounce cassis liqueur, and one ounce cold water. Wax fangs optional.

Come back tomorrow for Halloween books and matching cocktails.
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