Sunday, November 10, 2013


I have spent quite a bit this month on beauty products, mainly from New Caledonia.I have just come back from a cruise which had a day stopover in Noumea.After sight seeing I headed for the first pharmacy I found to see what products they stocked.There were loads of French brands that I literally wanted to buy the whole pharmacy, luckily my man immediately snapped me out of it as he could see I was being blinded by love and getting carried away.

Back in 2001 when we lived overseas in Europe, my cousin owned a beauty salon which housed all the best french brands available.Unbeknown to me how sought after they were and their costs as I was not aware of these brands back then, I was fortunate enough to receive a generous amount for free and used them whilst travelling.Years later, these brands and products are known around the world, some becoming iconic like Klorane.

This is one of my favourite brands Caudalie.Their products range from skincare to bodycare. This soap smells divine.

I'm in love with the body wash from Klorane, already a fan of most of their products, I can't wait till it is available here.

Another gorgeous body wash, this product was free. The promotion was buy two get one free, so I purchased the two Klorane and I selected Laino as the free product. I haven't tried anything from this brand before so this prompted me to pick it.

I also hadn't heard of Uriage before so I picked one product out of the entire range that would be easy to use.

A-Derma another brand I hadn't heard of and wasn't sure what I buy so I decided on the soothing facial spray.

Mud mask from Laino, I couldn't resist.Facial mud masks in Green Tea and Sweet orange.

Green Clay & Pink Clay

These are the best, during our stopover in Fiji I picked up these amazing extra long hair pins by Mita (Mcpherson's Consumer Products).They are 8cm long and perfect for long, thick hair.I use pins regularly and usually have several in my hair, but with these monsters I only need two.If these exist in Oz I am amazed I hadn't come across these.

The pharmacist was so please with my purchased he threw in some samples!My total spend was roughly $70.

Since my return home, I went through all my mail and came across Chemist Warehouse catalogue specials.I immediately circled several products that I needed to get as they were on special.

Items I purchased were Swisspers Limited Edition Beauty Bag containing all the essentials you need with a really pretty carry bag for $16.69, Amele pack of 20 personal wipes $4.69, Organix shampoo and conditioner $13.99 each, Dove deodorant at $2.99 and Evian facial spray, two for $20, BARGAIN!I normally purchase Avene facial sprays but couldn't resist the special and I have never tried Evian before.

All available at Chemist Warehouse

Realistically, do I need anymore products?NO.I have a cupboard full, almost enough to open up my own store, but beauty is my weakness and passion so its justified.
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