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Once Upon a Time In Wonderland Episode 3 Recap: Stolen Treasures

On Once Upon a Time In Wonderland, we officially learn all about the Knave of Hearts. And like many Once Upon a Time characters, he has about fifty other identities.He also has a complicated love life, and this lost love turned his heart to dark. On Wonderland, we get answers on who is Anastasia and Knave's Robin Hood connection. This episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland also proved the dumbness of Jafar and the Red Queen.They easily fell for a trap, that was clearly one.

I also had a dumb moment while watching this episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I realized that it's storyline is very similar to epic poems like The Odyssey and Beowulf. The big giveaway,to what should have been apparent to me from the beginning, was naming a character Grendel. Grendel is the monster from Beowulf.The entire epic of trying to return to a lost love and facing many monstrous obstacles is just like the Odyssey. Oddly, it proved my dumbness but it revealed more of Wonderland's brilliance.


This post contains Once Upon a Time In Wonderland episode 3 spoilers. Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened!IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST THAT WAS

Tonight's episode of Wonderland unveiled that the Knave is actually from the Enchanted Forest. This gives us hope that he could show up on Once Upon a Time once Wonderland ends. The story starts with Robin Hood and his Merry Men stealing and planning their next big heist.William Scarlet (Yes, that Will Scarlet/who is also the Knave) tells them of a plan to rob Maleficent's castle. Before they do, Robin warns them to only take the gold. Because taking anything else makes them real thieves.

The Knave/William Scarlet reveals to his wife/girlfriend, Anastasia (who is kept hidden) that their plan is working. His real plan is to steal a magic mirror which is also a portal to another world.

He steals it, but his crime doesn't go unnoticed. Maleficent warns them that whoever stole her mirror won't find true happiness. Then Robin challenges the men to confess, but no one does. Later he finds Knave and asks him why he betrayed them. The two have words, and then Knave goes to find Anastasia. It's reveal that Anastasia is the Red Queen when she was plain and humble (anyone see that coming from the very first episode? Because I did!).They jump into the portal to Wonderland.


The Knave tells Alice of a Forget Me Knot, which allows people to see past events. They want to find it to see who stole the Genie's bottle.The Caterpillar supposedly has it, so they must find himto retrieve it. Once they do go through his home to the Underland, the Caterpillar reveals that he doesn't have it. But he makes a deal with Alice and Knave. If they can get it from the Grendel, he'll release the Knave from his debts. But if he doesn't, he'll become a head on his table.

Alice and Knave end up in Grendel's house. He's preparing to eat them. He's also obsessed with looking in the Forget Me Knot.William "Knave" realizes that Grendel lost a love once and that's why he's obsessed with it. Knave shows that he understands his pain. He's starting to get through to him, but then he doesn't.

Later, a creature sent by the Red Queen and Jafar comes to kill Alice, but Alice and Knave defeat it. They get the Knot. While looking through it, they discover the Rabbit betrayed them and the Red Queen has it. Instead of giving the Knot to the Caterpillar and earning his freedom, Knave decides to burn it. By doing this, he is not a thief but a human.


After realizing Cyrus tricked them, and Alice defeated her creature, Jafar and Red Queen go find Grendel. They want information on how this happened. He reveals that the Knave is with Alice. The Red Queen tries to show no emotions. However, there is a flicker of love still there for him. Jafar is now curious about the Knave and asks the Caterpillar for more information on William. Dun, Dun, Dun. Clearly, he'll use Red Queen's love of Knave or vice-versa to manipulate one of them.

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