Friday, November 15, 2013

Science Dilemma

We have a disease that is spreading like wildfire, and people should be notified! The problem is the boost of ego, and the lack of self. People believe that they are some super being, being prideful they believe whatever they think to be certain fact. They are so narrow minded. This is pride, but it's also a lack of self. Why? Because people are programmed by what they watch, who they talk to, family, what they hear, what they are forced to study, the list continues.

That isn't self. If your mind's data is from elsewhere, it isn't yours. You'll agree with me that that is shallow, brainless, and quite simple dull. Mash this with the thought process that you are always right, and boom you have a moron. This disease is spreading like wildfire, and I'm going to explain where it came from, how to avoid it, and how to find self.


The disease is fueled by two different groups of arrogance from opposing sides of extremism. The science vs fundamentals. Ridiculous really, the fight is comparing apples to oranges saying the other is obsolete. Science is trying to be it's own god, as is the fundamentalists. You are comparing the scientific physical side against the moral side of the fundamentalists. They are both there, both vital to existence, both shouldn't be fighting, and both sides should be well educated on each other.

This arrogance we might say is the disease itself, and it spreads through these social engineering bullshit of the media and even the education system. It's biggest source is human pride obviously, the beast that has been feeding it since the beginning of our time. The problem is that people are desensitized, they allow people to brainwash them. You can't tell them that, because everyone has this beast named pride, a monster that has been fed so much in this society. Everyone believes that he/she is right, so they won't put themselves in that bracket.


Avoiding stuff usually involves innocence (or ignorance, but ignore that for now). So lets imagine that avoiding an unplanned birth has something to do with innocence. If you're married, you are probably responsible enough for a child, if you're a pleasure seeking woman, not saying any names, then you aren't innocent. And most these non-innocent women are brainwashed into believing that it's their right to kill the one being that is innocent!

To avoid the beast of pride, one must not feed it. We all have egos, habits of feeding pride. It is an effortless exercise to increase the pride. Just like innocence being easier to lose than to gain, exercising humility is much harder. Building up is harder than breaking down. And you must admit, we naturally don't put the effort into our daily lives to exercise our humility do we?

Avoiding the beast isn't so much as ignoring it, as it is building a wall against it. You've never heard of this before, so you understand this isn't a taught subject. Sadly science has an edge over fundamentals, and education has not only taken religion out of schools, but only teach static data. In your developing stages of your life, you are put into a bad environment, feed bad food, taught what they want you to know, and can put criminal charges against people that don't show up enough. It's social engineering brainwashing, isn't it obvious?

As I was saying, practice virtue, and in each virtue, make sure both humility and prudence is present. Any virtue without both of those two parent virtues is useless. Kindness, charity, mercy, forgiveness, these are all virtues that must be done wisely, and done humbly. There is no room for the beast of pride, and above all, I find these virtues to be quite enlightening.


That is another related/connected topic in this post. You see, pride is a shadow that hides us from truth. When one believes their perception is right, they ignore any possibilities that they are wrong. Most science loving people won't even give religion an unbiased chance. Likewise, religious nutskulls can ignore what science has to offer. It isn't evil, on a religious perspective, science is the understanding of how God created everything in existence. Science doesn't disprove morals, and morals play a huge role in the benefit of a civilization. Why civilizations fail is through arrogance, and so these two extreme sides can be the downfall of these once great nations.

Creating self is an educating illusion to who we are and the nature of truth. It is the primary purpose of meditating. Most when hearing about meditating think of a crisscross sitting position and candles, whereas no, to me it is the study of being. It is basically saying I need to disconnect from the chaos of this world so I can connect to myself for once. It is like the uncorrupted version of pride. You learn who you really are, and that a yearning for truth follows it naturally. Disconnect to reconnect. Once you realize that the most intimate person in your life is yourself, you need to get to learn who that is. And if anything, you should be your own and best supporter. Too often do we see ourselves in the mirror and judge our appearance. If anyone should be supporting yourself positively, it should be you. And you'll then see why ego doesn't build you up, it conceals who you really are, and that is a being of love. Peace.
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