Friday, November 15, 2013

Something Wicked Returns Phantasmagloria Giveaway

As part of Something Wicked Returns, the month-long celebration of Halloween and creepy books, I'm featuring an interview with....myself!

(oh my gods does that sound totally arrogant, or what?!)

Many of you don't know that I'm actually a published author.

It's true.

I've written 7 full-length novels, many short stories, and won some awards for my poetry.

But my publishing credits are actually on graphic novels.

I've written two graphic novels (technically, one is published, the other is still in the hands of the colorist).


is a YA gothic graphic novel with Greek mythology influences. It features Gloria, a grim high schooler struggling to come to terms with her parents' death. And also, Death. And a glowing skull lantern that has some....inconvenient consequences.


QEW Publishing wanted a gothic-esque graphic novel. I noted how few female YA-themed graphic novels exist. One thing led to another, and Gloria sprang from our heads, fully formed.

In all honesty, I wanted her to be a long-running, continuing story. I love character development, and there were too many nooks and crannies in this story not to pursue. Sadly, publishers have very large, sharp, opinionated axes.


In a world populated by zombies and vampires, I really wanted the challenge of a contemporary Alice-in-Wonderland-esque adventure for Gloria, both an inward and outward journey of discovery.

(also, secretly, I wanted to be a goth in high school)


Unseen things rustling in the undergrowth at night. It may be a squirrel, but in my mind, it's an eviscerating 2-foot tall clawed slimy monster that's 50% fangs.

Incidentally, those are in the second graphic novel that I wrote. And just looking at the artist's rendering gives me the heebeejeebies.

Enough rambling....who wants a free one-of-a-kind, signed, limited-edition* graphic novel for FREE??!

*No, really, this is from the first printing, and is entirely thick, glossy paper with excellent color quality. My publisher isn't printing on glossy paper ever again (too expensive) so this is truly one-of-a-kind. I'll sign it for you, and even put in a dedication to you, or someone else.
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